How to Restore Emotional Well-Being

Do You believe that Reiki will stop You from having negative emotions?    Are emotions bad? 

The Reiki Ideal “Just for today, do not anger”, could be interpreted to say do not be angry.  I just don’t think that’s The Reiki Musehumanly possible, nor healthy. 

The Reiki is inviting You to be present and in the moment.  Reiki helps You move through emotions and understand the underlying causes of them.  Reiki is love, a very amplified love.

Emotions are just guide posts.  Sadness, anger, frustration, and hopelessness just let You know that You’re believing thoughts that disconnect You from your inner Source. 

Emotions are energy.  Emotions remind You that you’re alive.  It can be thrilling to move through emotions.  To go from sad to hopeful can be thrilling.  Just to feel the energy lightening up can be exhilarating.

I don’t believe any energy is negative.  What people refer to as negative energy or emotions, I describe  that energy as “unwanted”.  You’re ready to let it go.

Anger or sadness can feel just fine in the moment when You’re feeling that way.  Only when You are ready to return to Your state of connection and center do those feelings become uncomfortable and unwanted.  The Reiki Muse

How Reiki helps restore emotional well-being:

  • Reiki can help You be with and move through Your emotions. 
  • Reiki will comfort You and fill You with love.
  • Reiki can bring clarity to the underlying thoughts that cause the unwanted emotions in the first place. 
  • Reiki will keep the energy flowing.  Only when emotions become stuck do they turn into health problems.
  • Reiki restores your connection with your inner Source.

I would start with Reiki over the heart and the head.  Then move to any other place the body is holding the emotion. 

Be thankful that You feel!  Be thankful for something else to Reiki. 

If You are in an emotional state, Reiki Yourself.  If You don’t know Reiki, call someone who does. 



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  1. Dear Christy,
    Thanks for addressing the Reiki guidance concerning anger. Your analysis and prescription are right on!

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