Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness

What is energetic wellness?

Energetic Wellness is a feeling of being present and connected with Self. Feeling connected and aligned on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level causes You to be energetically fit. Energetic wellness is the result of free flowing energy which often leaves You with a radiant glow. This sense of harmony can be achieved no matter the external conditions of our lives.

How do I promote energetic wellness?
I offer Reiki energy healing sessions and Reflexology head, ear, hand and foot massages. I rely on my intuition, inspiration, spirit guides, and archangels to guide me in helping You. 
I teach Reiki workshops so You can learn to heal yourself and others.
I also offer distant energy healing sessions to help You return to your natural state of wholeness and wellness from the comfort of your own space.

Do You want to be more relaxed and empowered in your well-being?
By acting as a catalyst and guide, I help You relax into your inner wisdom while exploring the healing power within yourself and the universe during Reiki and Reflexology sessions and Reiki workshops.

Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness was named after one of my favorite essential oils, Blue Spruce, which has lovingly encouraged me to speak my truth for years.

James G DavisMy healing sessions and Reiki teachings embody the following qualities of Blue Spruce which are integral to energetic wellness:

  • balanced and clear chakras
  • grounding
  • angel awareness
  • new realizations
  • amplified healing
  • enhanced intuition
  • awakens understanding of dis-ease causes
  • protects and provides direction
  • stimulates dreams and reminds to attend to them
  • calms emotions

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