Group Reiki Thursday

The Golden Thread

bright golden freeze light with bunch of beams at night
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The Golden Thread Reiki Meditation

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Here is your Reiki message. You may also listen to these words as a meditation. If you are attuned to Reiki, you may turn on your Reiki while to listen.

The golden thread radiates through the core of your being, keeping you connected in love and healing with the universe and the earth. Waves of energy are constantly drawn to you to nourish and support you. 

Your throat and heart sound out to the universe, calling out into the unknown, listening for answers and seeking resonance in the world around you. The golden thread of light that radiates within you facilitates communication and togetherness with all beings.

As you come to understand that you have been surrounded in love the whole time. In fact, you are love.

When things don’t work out as you had expected. Trust that there is more to unfolding. Allow yourself to come undone, in order to discover new ways of being you and new aspects of yourself sprouting in the fertile soil of your life.

Continue to adapt while constantly releasing and letting go. As you purify in the space of love your frequency is refined. You open to the fullness of you and your inner truths. The next phase of your unfolding is drawn in as you tend to your daily life.

The love that naturally resides within you heals and soothes your soul. Feel the joy contained in the togetherness with all. Love connects worlds is within you.

Much love,