Group Reiki Thursday

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You are the Leader

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You are the Leader

You are your own leader when you follow the commands issuing from the purity of your own source connection. 

At times you may crave safety from the outside world or from making choices for which you don’t know the outcome. Safety stems from your unique connection with your inner being. 

When you crave certainty and look for answers in the outside world you are left bobbing like a cork in the ocean, going with the tides. 

Your personal instructions, unique for you, are there to guide you and act as an anchor in the changing tides. When you purify the old static beliefs, patterns and issues that permeate your identity, you operate more from the frequency of your inner being, the frequency of love.

Your inner promptings may call on you to make a stand, follow your passions or just be still. Whether you are taking bold action or sitting in stillness, the ripples of your authenticity spread far and wide, altering your reality.

When you know something is true for you in your heart, stand up for yourself. When you are coming from the setting of the purity of your unlimited inner being, no explanation is needed. The explanation only draws you into your limited perceptions and out of your inner being’s purity. You owe no justification for following the commands in your pure heart. You are the only one who needs to follow your inner lead. The frequency of your inner being is love and love causes no harm.

Much love,