Group Reiki Thursday

The colors of you

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The colors of you

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The Reiki was reminding you of all of the colors of you, including the colors you can’t always see with your physical eyes. You were being reminded of the broader spectrum of yourself and the light that is you. As you align with more of your purity, more colors of your unlimited come into expression in your life.

You can listen to the meditation with my Reiki filled voice or read the Reiki charged words below. If you are attuned to Reiki you may give yourself Reiki while reading or listening.

The Colors of You

Imagine rainbow rays of light spiraling down around you now, purifying your energy field. Your mid back is relaxing and letting go of stress. The colorful light around you beckons you to see all the colors of yourself, the broader spectrum of yourself. Golden light is rising up from beneath you and moving through your center line as the rainbow rays spiral down around you joining the pillar of light moving up through your center.

Allow yourself to be aware of all of you, not just the part of you that you can see with your physical eyes. Not just the parts that you allow others to see. Open to all of the colors of the universe, the unlimited nature of who you truly are. 

Give yourself permission to be who you truly are and permission to just be you. Give up your cares about how others see you. Put your attention on how you see yourself. Are you seeing your limits and feeling restricted?  In the moments when you feel you aren’t enough just as you are, know that you are not seeing yourself for who you truly are. Who you truly are is unlimited purity and love.

Nobody can do it for you. Accessing the fullness of yourself is up to you. Yet, it is okay to ask for help and encouragement, at times when you are forgetting to see your inner light and your unlimited potential.

Only accept advice from others if you feel it is coming with respect and integrity and you feel a strong “yes” radiating from within yourself. Trust that inner knowing deep within yourself and accept your inner truth and yourself just as you are.

When you start showing up in a new way in your life, in the world, trust that you are only expressing a new color of yourself, that was always there. You just aligned with more of who you truly are. Love.

Much love,