Home Study Programs

These programs were co-created by Christy DeArment and Judy Koons.

Heal Yourself

Keep your energetic house clean with the Heal Yourself techniques. The tools you learn about grounding, connecting with cosmic energy and running your own energy can easily be integrated with Reiki. This program lays down a foundation for using and developing your intuition in a healthy way.  Click here to find out more and purchase.

Advanced Heal Yourself

Experience deep healing and clear energetic clutter with the Advanced Heal Yourself techniques and meditations. Build your healing guide team with your spiritual surgeon and healing master, who can support your wellness along with Reiki. Click here for more information and purchase.


Breath Awakenings

Use the power of your breath to experience deep healing, stay energized and relaxed.  Click here to find out more.


When The Door Opens 

A channelled conversation about possibility,  living in these shifting Earth energies and staying centered in the higher dimensions of love. Click here for more information.

7 Simple Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Potential

You deserve to learn, understand and use the powerful yet subtle language of spirit.  In this short but precise book, you’ll be given a strong foundation for using and developing your psychic spiritual abilities. Click here to purchase.