Continuous Distant Reiki

Get powerful energetic support 24 hours a day!

Continuous Distant Reiki TRM

Always there at times you need it the most
to promote divinely guided solutions and healing!

Receive the loving support of distant Reiki 24 hours a day. When you choose this method of remote energy healing, the Reiki will flow to you during the day when you are active and at night while you sleep.    

While receiving Continuous Distant Reiki, your name and intentions are placed on my distant Reiki crystal grid. The Reiki crystals are charged with powerful Reiki each day and are programmed to send distant Reiki to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Continuous Distant Reiki is donation based. Choose an amount that works for you. 

benefits of being on the Distant Reiki grid:

  • increased energy
  • decreased pain and stress
  • feeling more open and loving
  • ease and joy in facing life’s challenges
  • things seem to work out better
  • better sleep
  • improved relationships 
  • speedy recovery from surgery or illness
  • improved emotional state
  • clear minded
  • inspired creativity
  • weight loss
  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • relaxed and confident for interviews and auditions
  • grief
  • ease and grace for death and dying
  • release addictions
  • EMF and radiation protection
  • purification
  • and so much more …


“Christy has been sending me Continuous Distant Reiki for the past 2 years and I have never been happier in my life.” ~ Tim Underwood, Rollinsville, Colorado

“Receiving continuous distant Reiki over the past month really helped me maintain my energy level and keep a clear head  while I was finishing a creative project for work.” ~ Suzan Bond, New York City

“I am really glad that I found Christy after a lot of searching for a good healer. I opted for Continuous Distant Reiki for two weeks. Christy started sending me amazing Reiki immediately. The Reiki sent was subtle and gentle but I felt lots of positive changes in me. I highly recommend Christy to all the people who are in need of good healing Reiki. 5 stars !!” ~Krishna, India 

Best times to be on the Reiki Grid

  • during stressful life transitions – moving, birth, deaths, marriage, divorce …
  • when you need extra energy or inspiration – exams, projects, pregnancy, caregiving …
  • for deep healing – chronic illness, surgery recovery, addiction …


Name your price

Select 1, 2 or 5 weeks of Continuous Distant Reiki or Monthly Subscription for you and your loved ones.

  • Continuous Distant Reiki comes with helpful information to track your progress, it does NOT come with detailed session notes.
  • If you would like a distant healing session with a personalized report use the Full Distant Reiki session and the Reiki Boost.
  • Since it has not been possible to make donations from certain countries, I created a variable pricing option below. My wish is to share Reiki with you as a gift from my heart to yours. Any amount you are inspired to give from your heart to mine is the perfect amount.
  • Option 3 reflects the full price. Options 1 and 2 are discounted prices. Please choose what works best for you.

choose your price

1 week Continuous Distant Reiki
2 weeks Continuous Distant Reiki
5 weeks Continuous Distant Reiki
Continuous Distant Reiki Monthly Subscription