Distant Reiki Boost

Do you want some Reiki right away? The Distant Reiki Boost is powerfully focused Reiki without a report. It comes with 24 hours of Continuous Distant Reiki which starts when you order.

Reiki works in your energy field and your physical body to support your own self healing. It works with the purity of your own inner being to bring you what most need for your highest good and most beneficial outcomes.

You will receive an energetic infusion of pure Reiki. This is the same powerful concentration of pure, loving and powerful light in the distant Reiki session.

The Reiki Boost does NOT come with any report, feedback, support or advice.

You will receive strong energetic signal of light that your body and self healing system will use as most serves you right now.

Reiki is love and always goes to where you most need it and serves your highest good.

I created this option for you when you want Reiki quickly and don’t need a report.

You may order for your family, a relationship, your pets, or situations involving multiple people.

My Continuous Distant Reiki grid is programmed to send Reiki immediately to the recipient once you order.

You will receive an email letting you know your Reiki Boost has been sent. Again, you won’t receive any personalized feedback or a report.

You will pick a day, Monday – Friday, when you order. The time of day the boost will be sent is unscheduled. There is a box you can check if you want your Reiki Boost sent as soon as possible. If I am available to send earlier, I will.

Please order the Distant Reiki session if you want a report.

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Here’s what some clients have said about their Reiki Boost: 

"The distant Reiki boost made me sense that layers of built up blockages and blinders are lifting and melting away from me.
I feel more clarity and conviction in my thoughts, and also
a clear sensation of positivity and light supporting me to move
forward in my life. Thank you as I notably feel a positive difference in myself,
that is making all the difference in my life." ~ Michele, Hancock NY

"Thank you yet again. I must leave a testimonial again as in amazed at all the love and warmth. I had a lot of tingling in the palms of my hands last night whilst you sent the Reiki boost." ~ Neeru, Oxfordshire, UK

Click here for more testimonials.

You don’t need to face it alone

A Reiki Boost Gives you Immediate Energetic support For only $10.

The Reiki Boost comes with 24 hours of Continuous Distant Reiki that starts immediately when you order.

Add on 2 weeks of Continuous Distant Reiki for only $19 (Save 25%)

Add on 5 weeks of Continuous Distant Reiki for only $35 ( Save 30%)

Continuous Distant Reiki gives you energetic support 24 hours a day. 


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