What is energetic wellness

Energetic wellness is feeling present and aligned with your inner being and the universal current that flows through us all.

This sense of harmony and alignment can be experienced no matter the external circumstances of your life or your physical conditions.

Energetic wellness results from free flowing energy in your body and energy field which leaves you with a radiant glow.

When you relax in the moment, your body’s self healing system strengthens. As you align with the purity of your unlimited self, you experience greater spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

If you want to be more relaxed, empowered and aligned with your natural state of health and wellbeing, you’ve come to the right place for positive support.

You can get energetic support here with:

No matter what you are facing in life, you can shine bright where you stand.

“Christy is an amazing Reiki master (and person!) who has a highly intuitive and compassionate approach to healing. Whether physical or emotional, she always seems to know exactly what needs healing and I feel measurably better and lighter after every session. I have worked with Christy for years and she has helped me and my loved ones in many situations. I am so grateful for her and her work and can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Christy – and here is to many more years to come!” Elena

Elena H – Intuitive Coach & Sensativity Expert, Germany

I am a Reiki master and a full time energy healer. At times I am in need to ask other Reiki healers to help me at distance, ’cause we all are on the journey…
Christy has been THE Reiki healer able to make a difference twice already.
Her channeling is powerful and effective. Her feedback is detailed and precise and able to support you also long after the session. Trust her and your intuition if you have been drawn to her website.

Giovanna B, Italy

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