Why learn Reiki?

Once you become attuned to Reiki, you have the ability to heal at the touch of your hands that lasts your whole life. Anyone can learn Reiki, you don’t need a background in healing or meditation. Reiki is much more than physical healing.  You’ll find yourself uplifted and renewed on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. Reiki is love which knows no bounds.

The Reiki Muse
Benefits of being a Reiki practitioner: 
  • Reiki is a healing tool you have with you everywhere at anytime. 
  • Reiki compliments any other healing techniques including modern medicine.
  • Reiki can be used on anything. 
    • yourself, partners, children, animals, electronics, home, car, crystals, Earth, plants, career, finances, relationships, or whatever you can imagine. 
  • Reiki enhances any path of self-discovery your are on or services you offer. 
  •  Reiki expands intuition. 
  •  Reiki heals without depleting your own energy. 
  •  Reiki promotes inner peace. 
  •  Reiki helps improve relationships. 
  •  Reiki opens hearts and clears minds. 
What students have said about Christy’s Reiki workshops:
“What a magical Reiki class which helped me clear my energy.  Christy’s a being of pure light and love whose teachings come directly from her heart. I loved that she reminds me to let go and trust my intuition.” ~Wendy Stern, Boulder

“I was very comfortable learning Reiki from Christy.  She shares Reiki knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand.  Teaching comes naturally to her because of her passion for this healing art.”
~Roxanne Cote, Quebec
“Christy’s Reiki Master Practitioner class was extremely helpful. It was laid back, a lot of fun, and very powerful. She is an excellent teacher and made learning the beauty of Reiki accessible. The class was very hands on and included a lot of practice time, which is exactly what I needed! Christy’s healing practice is just as lovely. So much Reiki, warmth, and understanding pour through her! My body felt balanced and relaxed after my session. And the reflexology is amazing! Thanks Christy!” ~ Melanie Whitehead, Boulder CO


NEW: online Reiki I & II training on Zoom

the next class Starting September 3rd, 2020.