Preparing for Distant Reiki

If you are getting a Distant Reiki session you will receive Reiki at a pre-scheduled time. Just relax in a comfortable position, seated or lying down. It’s okay if you fall asleep. If you need to get up and move around, that is okay. The Reiki will work no matter what you are doing.  Don’t worry if you get interrupted during our session, you will still receive the healing benefits.

If you are getting a Reiki Boost, you will receive Continuous Distant Reiki immediately when you order. Your Reiki Boost is unscheduled on the day that you choose. You may be doing some activity, working or sleeping. The Reiki will not interrupt your activities. For example, it will not make you fall asleep while driving or at work. The Reiki knows what most serves you in each moment.

If you are getting Continuous Distant Reiki, the Reiki is flowing to you all the time. It may be noticeable right away. After a while you may forget or not notice it running in the background of your life. It IS still flowing to you though. It’s always supporting your highest good and most benevolent outcomes in any given moment. Feel free to talk with the Reiki like it’s a trusted friend. If you need to feel calm in a moment, ask the Reiki to help you feel calm. If you need to have a conversation, ask the Reiki to give you the words. I highly suggest recording how you are doing in different areas of your life and health. You can rate on a scale of 1-10 the questions listed below.

Distant Reiki is subtle and gentle yet very powerful at the same time.
The Reiki is always working even if you don’t feel much. 
In order to experience the Reiki more consciously, breathe deeply and welcome the Reiki into your heart or crown while feeling or imagining light filling your aura or going to a specific area of your body.

No matter which method of Distant Reiki you choose, please follow your inner guidance about food and beverage choices before and after. Ideally, drink plenty of pure living water and eat organic fruits and vegetables. Always follow what feels best to you. I also suggest refraining from mind altering substances. That being said, Reiki is powerful and will work for your highest good no matter what.
Also, remember Reiki isn’t a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Follow your inner wisdom about seeking medical attention.

To fully notice the healing effects of any form of distant Reiki I suggest that you write down how you are feeling before and after. If you are receiving Continuous Distant Reiki, you can note how you are doing each week.
Record your answers to the following questions, or make up your own:
Physically – 
How am I feeling in my body?
What level of pain am I experiencing? 
How have I been sleeping?
Are there any tense areas in my body?
How is my energy level?
How has my mood been?
What is my level of stress and anxiety?
How satisfied am I in my primary relationships?
How peaceful have I been feeling?
How often do I feel stuck, angry or frustrated?
Have I been feeling depressed?
Mentally –
Have my thoughts been supportive?
Have I been judgmental?
Are my thoughts uplifting?
Have I been obsessing about something?
Have I been addicted to something?
Have I been negative in my thinking?
Have I been honoring myself?
Spiritually –
How aligned do I feel with myself?
How connected do I feel with God, the Divine, or my unlimited nature?
How present do I feel in my now?
Am I fulfilling my life purpose?
How connected do I feel with my intuitive guidance?