I felt so light and refreshed after one Distant Reiki Boost with Christy. Her report was extremely accurate and I am feeling the benefits already. I am so pleased with the experience, I will be happy to continue working with Christy in the future. Love and light to all!


Kali, Music Manager, Los Angeles, CA

I had never experienced Distant Reiki until Christy shared it. Within 20 minutes of the beginning of my first session, I could feel heat and energy, and I felt immediate relief of IBS. I am grateful to Christy for the continuing positive changes in my physical and emotional well-being.


Sharon, Colorado

I’ve been receiving both Relexology and Reiki from Christy for fifteen plus years and couldn’t feel luckier. I’m also proud to say she personally attuned and trained me to be a Reiki  I & II practitioner myself.


Jennifer Wert, Virtual Birth Doula, Boulder CO

I have been extremely mentally distressed and all consumed by a personal matter for weeks.
The Distant Reiki Boost enlightened my mind and lifted off the thick tension, stress, and fears in a very palpable way.
I felt as if my entire mind was refreshed in a spiritual pool, and consciously reconnected to Divine Source.
I am more grounded and able to accept this ongoing matter with a quiet grace and renewed resilient spiritual backbone. Thank you for facilitating this much needed relief for me.


Michele B, New York

Christy is so awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her distant healing work. Such a positive breathe of light. I LOVE the notes she sends about the session. I sorta wish all of her readings would be in a book – it would be a favorite fairy tale, wrapped up in goodness. great endings and love and light! Thank you!

Distant Reiki healing

Sarah Sherman, Webmaster & Healer

After taking Reiki II with Christy a few years ago, I just received the Archangel Raphael symbols. I’m reveling in the natural beauty of this place, surrounded in the love of Reiki. I’m overwhelmed by the abundance and feel like a beloved child of God. I’m forever grateful for the powerful healing that came through your hands. Life is much lighter. Thanks for the Archangel Raphael initiation and to all the beings of light who guided and shared their love.


Madelon Guinazzo

Christy’s Reflexology treatments are an important part of my wellness program. During each session, I feel all my organs being revitalized.

laura a

Laura A

Christy is a magical and powerful healer. I feel a shift in my energy after every Reiki and Reflexology session. I always get what I came for and more.


Suzan Bond – Author & Marketing Coach

I’ve been having Full Distant Reiki sessions from Christy since February, 2014 to help guide me through a difficult time in my life. Each session has made me stronger and infused me with much strength and guidance. Whilst things are still not great, Christy’s visions and distant healing are giving me great strength to turn things around as immense inner peace through her healing is helping me to no end. I would recommend Christy to anyone who is seeking strength, healing and guidance.

Distant Reiki healing

Neeru L, England

I have worked with Christy for a few years and find her Full Distant Reiki Sessions to be helpful every time.

Christy is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her!



Kerry W, New York