“Christy is an amazing Reiki master (and person!) who has a highly intuitive and compassionate approach to healing. Whether physical or emotional, she always seems to know exactly what needs healing and I feel measurably better and lighter after every session. I have worked with Christy for years and she has helped me and my loved ones in many situations. I am so grateful for her and her work and can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Christy – and here is to many more years to come!” Elena

Elena H – Intuitive Coach & Sensativity Expert, Germany

I have been having Continuous Distant Reiki over the past few months. Thanks to the Reiki Christy sends, I have been more relaxed and positive. I have felt warmth in my hands and feet and more energy. Positive things keep happening including winning 190.00 British pounds in a workplace lottery. The Reiki is very powerful I am really glad I found Christy. Thank you! Kevin

Kevin W, Bus Driver, Derbyshire, UK

I occasionally travel to Boulder to visit family and have wanted for a long time to get an appointment with Christy, because I’ve read and heard from friends what an awesome therapist and healer she is. I was able to get a Reiki/Reflexology treatment recently and couldn’t have been more pleased. She has a powerful gift of attunement, intuition and loving presence. I’ve also experienced her Distance Reiki and Full Moon free Reiki and I can truly say they were powerful and therapeutic events. Christy is a beautiful kind soul.

Paul S, Retired, Paris, TX

Dear Christy! You are a true blessing in helping humanity see the divine light and reconnecting those who forgot about their true nature. I am forever grateful for you distance Reiki help. You are a great teacher, helper, very wise and kind, patient and always reply to my messages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Up till now I have been using the Distance Reiki 24/7 support and it benefits me in so many ways that I am just so happy and feel like love from within me got unblocked and everything is so much positive around me!  Your sincerity and kindness, wisdom and love you have is like finding a beautiful powerful crystal and tuning with it for the best results! Thank you, Blessings and love, Ela

Ela, Poland

I instantly felt the effects of the Distant Reiki Boost, I felt a lightness and peacefulness wash over me, before I even knew she had started Reiki. I have been struggling to let go of something that may have not been serving me but that I wanted. Starting with the Continuous Distance Reiki I could feel myself let go and after the Distant Reiki Boost I can sense that I have let go. I will be back for some more Distance Reiki.

AP, California

I’ve done several distant and constant Reiki seasons with Christy. The main reasons I’ve contacted her were for help finding true love, losing weight and increases in financial flow. I feel the Reiki is working and helping me clear my blocks and I have a more positive outlook. Things are getting better in all areas and I can’t wait to confirm that I have found my true love/soulmate. Christy is very kind and helpful. Thank you!


Kathy, Indiana, USA

I felt so light and refreshed after one Distant Reiki Session with Christy. Her report was extremely accurate and I am feeling the benefits already. I am so pleased with the experience, I will be happy to continue working with Christy in the future. Love and light to all!

Kali, Music Manager, Los Angeles, CA

I had never experienced Distant Reiki until Christy shared it. Within 20 minutes of the beginning of my first session, I could feel heat and energy, and I felt immediate relief of IBS. I am grateful to Christy for the continuing positive changes in my physical and emotional well-being.

Sharon, Colorado

I’ve been receiving both Relexology and Reiki from Christy for fifteen plus years and couldn’t feel luckier. I’m also proud to say she personally attuned and trained me to be a Reiki  I & II practitioner myself. ~ Jennifer Wert

Jennifer W, Virtual Birth Doula, Boulder CO

I have been extremely mentally distressed and all consumed by a personal matter for weeks.
The Distant Reiki Boost enlightened my mind and lifted off the thick tension, stress, and fears in a very palpable way.
I felt as if my entire mind was refreshed in a spiritual pool, and consciously reconnected to Divine Source.
I am more grounded and able to accept this ongoing matter with a quiet grace and renewed resilient spiritual backbone. Thank you for facilitating this much needed relief for me.

Michele B, New York

Christy is so awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her distant healing work. Such a positive breathe of light. I LOVE the notes she sends about the session. I sorta wish all of her readings would be in a book – it would be a favorite fairy tale, wrapped up in goodness. great endings and love and light! Thank you! Sarah

Sarah S, Webmaster & Healer

Distant Reiki healing

After taking Reiki II with Christy a few years ago, I just received the Archangel Raphael symbols. I’m reveling in the natural beauty of this place, surrounded in the love of Reiki. I’m overwhelmed by the abundance and feel like a beloved child of God. I’m forever grateful for the powerful healing that came through your hands. Life is much lighter. Thanks for the Archangel Raphael initiation and to all the beings of light who guided and shared their love.

Madelon G, Chicago IL

Christy is a magical and powerful healer. I feel a shift in my energy after every Reiki and Reflexology session. I always get what I came for and more. Susan

Suzan B – Marketing Coach

I’ve been having Distant Reiki sessions from Christy to help guide me through a difficult time in my life. Each session has made me stronger and infused me with much strength and guidance. Whilst things are still not great, Christy’s visions and distant healing are giving me great strength to turn things around as immense inner peace through her healing is helping me to no end. I would recommend Christy to anyone who is seeking strength, healing and guidance.

Neeru, England

I have worked with Christy for a few years and find her Distant Reiki Sessions to be helpful every time.

Christy is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her!

Kerry W, New York

I received distant Reiki and I could feel the benefits almost immediately. It was very relaxing and my mind felt so much clearer. The heaviness I was feeling had been lifted and a sense of balance was restored to me. I have never met Christy in person nor tried Reiki before, but I feel fortunate to have found her site and tried her Premium Distant Reiki session with two weeks of Continuous Distant Reiki. I would highly recommend it.

Casey D, Colorado

I am a Reiki master and a full time energy healer. At times I am in need to ask other Reiki healers to help me at distance, ’cause we all are on the journey…
Christy has been THE Reiki healer able to make a difference twice already.
Her channeling is powerful and effective. Her feedback is detailed and precise and able to support you also long after the session. Trust her and your intuition if you have been drawn to her website.

Giovanna B, Italy

I am really glad that I found Christy after a lot of searching for a good healer. I opted for Continuous Distant Reiki for two weeks. Christy started sending me amazing Reiki immediately. The Reiki sent was subtle and gentle, but I felt lots of positive changes in me. I highly recommend Christy to all the people who are in need of good Reiki healing. 5 stars !!

Krishna from India