Reiki & Reflexology Sessions

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Are You looking to have more energy available to do things You love?

Using both Reiki and Reflexology I remove your physical, mental and emotional blocks resulting in free flowing energy and increased vitality for you to enjoy your life to the fullest.  I assist You in relaxing and aligning with yourself so You can be more effective in your life.

Do You desire to be more grounded and present? 
I connect You more fully with your body, mind and spirit by using Reiki and Reflexology. When You feel better in your body, You are able to participate more fully in your life.

Benefits of Reiki & Reflexology Healing Sessions

reflexology foot

      • Pain Relief
      • Stress Reduction
      • Improve Digestion
      • Boost Immunity
      • Increase Energy & Vitality
      • Clear and Peaceful Mind
      • Relax Muscles & Mind
      • Speed Recovery
      • Reduce Cravings & Addictions
      • Better Memory
      • Balance Hormones
      • Elevate Moods
      • Improve Sleep
      • Enhance Fertility
      • Balance Blood Pressure
    • Did I mention deep relaxation?
Client Testimonials:

“I have received several Reiki and Reflexology treatments from Christy and taken the first two levels of Reiki training from her. She is truly a master that lives the work that she performs. Her whole life is Energy.

 When I’m receiving Reiki and Reflexology from Christy, I always feel that I am in a very professional and safe environment and the results are truly miraculous. I recommend Christy to everyone whether you are familiar with Reiki, Reflexology or any kind of energy work or not.

 I always feel like I just received the best two hour massage when I finish a one hour session with Christy and my mind and body are fully balanced.Schedule a healing session or learn Reiki from her if you want to open up yourself to a whole new world of health.”  ~Doug Miller

What is Reflexology?

Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness

Reflexology is much more than a relaxing foot massage. Reflexology is an ancient technique which evolved from acupuncture and acupressure. The reflex points for the entire body can be found in the feet, hands and ears.  The stimulation of the reflex points, with massage or tools, triggers the body’s self repair and healing process.

A reflexology session invigorates all of your organs. The reflex points send a signal to the brain, via the spinal column and meridians, to send a healing current to the part of the body referred by each point.

Most people find reflexology treatments leave them feeling relaxed, calm, refreshed, invigorated, emotionally uplifted and connected with their body. 

What is Reiki?

Blue Spruce Energetic WellnessReiki is spiritually guided life force that promotes relaxation and healing. It is pure love and goes where you most need it.

Reiki heals because it vibrates at a high frequency which removes blocks in the physical body and energy field.  Reiki energy is channeled by the practitioner and heals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki feels warm and tingly while causing deep relaxation.  It is gentle and powerful at the same time.  Never underestimate the healing power of Reiki.

Many describe a Reiki treatment as profoundly gentle yet powerful, bringing feelings of relaxation, joy, love, creativity, insight, and well being.

What you can expect.

Each session is a unique experience, customized specifically for you, to provide the maximum healing benefit. You remain fully clothed during your session. Socks will be removed during reflexology. You may choose a Reiki centered treatment or a Reflexology focused session or a combination of both.

During a Reflexology session I use my Reiki filled hands to massage the reflex points on your feet, hands and ears. I may also use a stone massage tool, healing infra-red heat lamp (photon beamer), percussion machine and laser light.

Your foot becomes like a musical instrument to me. I hear the song of the body and listen to what the organs are telling me. If an organ is out of tune, reflex touch brings the body back into harmony.

Reiki & Reflexology Session Boulder CODuring a Reiki session, I gently place my hands on or above your body. The Reiki flows where most needed. Most individuals experience deep relaxation during a Reiki session. I usually end the Reiki healing with Reflexology on your feet to help you fully ground.


 How often should I schedule?

Many clients report lasting benefits from one session.

Long term imbalances may require multiple treatments to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary to bring the body’s systems back into balance.

To maintain your optimum level of wellness, I recommend scheduling every 2 to 6 weeks.

Questions?  Please contact me here.


  • 60 minutes $100
  • 75 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $150

New Client Bonus

House Calls

  • 60 minutes $150
  • 75 minutes $175
  • 90 minutes $200

Cancelation Policy

I understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. Please

Reiki & Reflexology

provide 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment.

If you fail to show up or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged full price.

If you are feeling ill the 24 hour notice is waived.

Compensation Methods

Cash, Check, E-transfers (eg. Venmo/Zelle) or Credit Cards


2825 Marine Street, Suite C, Boulder CO 80308

The doors are locked 24 hours a day at Marine Street Wellness. Please text upon arrival and I will let you in. If someone is at the front door when you arrive you may enter.

Turn left upon entering and go downstairs to get to Suite C.

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The Reiki Muse
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 1 reviews
 by Courtney
A True Gift!

Christy, "my reiki lady" is a true gift. I started seeing her almost 8 years ago after a breakup and after that one session I knew she would be in my life continuously. I went into that first session feeling disrupted, emotional, crying, and came out feeling calm, peaceful, refreshed, like things are happening FOR me, not TO me. My mom, who drove me to the session, could feel the positive energy shift immediately radiating from me. Christy is a wealth of knowledge on many topics and I often feel as though she is another mother figure to me. I receive both reiki and reflexology from Christy and they are equally amazing. She also sends distant reiki to my friends and family when they are need. I look forward to my sessions and would recommend her HIGHLY to anyone looking for reiki and/or reflexology. xoxo

Thank you Courtney. What a blessing our paths crossed all those years ago. You are such a loving light. I'm glad be there for you.