Archangel Raphael Initiations

The Reiki Muse

Working with Raphael is similar to working with Reiki. Whereas, Reiki asks you to step aside to flow through you, Raphael asks you to put yourself into the healing process by seeing and feeling the person as whole and well. The Raphael symbols can easily be integrated into a Reiki session. Archangel Raphael energy amplifies the healing effect of Reiki. 

I have been working with Archangel Raphael consciously since 2002.  I first attuned Troy Lavigne, Reiki Master Teacher and CMT, to his energy during a Reiki share. Raphael made his presence known and told me exactly what to do and why. After that day, Raphael proceeded to give symbols to Troy and explained how to use them. Some time later, Troy taught me how to use the symbols.  

The Raphael symbols instill peace, powerful healing and help anchor new energy allowing individuals embody their more expanded selves.
During an Archangel Raphael initiation, you will become attuned to three symbols and learn how to use them. This can be done in person or over Zoom.
The only prerequisite is being attuned to Reiki II. If you already work with the second degree Reiki symbols you’ll be able to work with the Archangel Raphael symbols. Your vibration will be high enough to easily align with the Raphael energy.
Energy Exchange: $100 when taking Reiki IIIa or $150 for a private initiation session in person or over Zoom.