Class Descriptions

Reiki I
In the first degree Reiki class, you will receive four attunements, which turn on your ability to use Reiki.  You learn how to heal yourself and others.  You will have plenty of practice time to become comfortable and confident allowing this healing energy to flow through your hands.  You will learn to balance the chakras.  You will learn what Reiki is and its history.  You will receive a 176 page Reiki I/II manual and a certificate.

Energy Exchange: $225*/$200

Reiki II 
Prerequisite: Reiki I
In the second degree of Reiki you expand your ability to allow the Reiki to flow through your hands with four more attunements.  You will learn three Usui Reiki symbols (the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol, and the distance symbol) and how to use them.  You will learn how to send distant Reiki.  You will experience the healing powers of Reiki on a deeper level.  You will receive a Reiki I/II manual if you don’t already have one.  You will also receive a certificate.
Energy Exchange: $250*/$225


Reiki I & II Intensive
This Reiki combined Reiki I and II workshop is geared toward individuals who feel pulled to learn both levels in one weekend.  You may have experience working with energy healing, massage therapy, yoga, meditation or other energetic healing modalities.  

The Reiki initiations infuse you with a lot of energy and clear unwanted energy.  Some people may find this process overwhelming.  I suggest you go within and make sure you feel aligned with learning both on the same weekend.  I learned Reiki I and II together and I feel comfortable teaching those attracted to learning both levels at once.
Energy Exchange: $400*/$375
Reiki IIIa/ART(Advanced Reiki Training)/Master Practitioner
Prerequisite: Reiki II
In this Advanced Reiki Training you will become attuned to the Reiki Master symbol.  Your Reiki abilities will become stronger as more energy is able to flow through you.  You will enhance your Reiki practice with more techniques and meditations such as using crystals to create a distant Reiki grid. You will also learn aura clearing, also known as psychic surgery. This class will prepare you for the Master Teacher level or the Karuna Reiki® Practitioner level, should you choose to continue on the Reiki path.  You will receive an 18 page ART manual and a certificate.
Energy Exchange: $275*/$250
Reiki IIIb/Master Teacher
Prerequisite: Reiki IIIa/ART

In this level you will apprentice with Christy in order to ensure you feel confident and comfortable spreading the Reiki teachings.  You will receive three more attunements at the Master Teacher Level over three workshops over a 9 month to year period.  You will learn how to give attunements and techniques to deepen your use and understanding of Reiki.  You will be present with me while I teach at least one Reiki I class and one Reiki II class.

By the end of your Reiki Master Teacher training you will be able to teach immediately with confidence.  You will receive a teaching manual and certificate.
Energy Exchange: $750 ( or 3 payments of $265)

Karuna Reiki® Master

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Teacher with 6 months to 1 year experience

Karuna means compassionate action in Sanskrit. Karuna Reiki® combines compassionate action with Divine Love and Wisdom bringing forth transformation, cellular healing and grounding. Eight practitioner symbols are taught along with four master symbols.
The first Karuna Reiki® level 1 symbol prepares the client for deep cellular healing and is useful for past life issues.  The second Karuna Reiki® level 1 symbol heals unconscious patterns, including abuse and shadow self issues.  The third Karuna level 1 symbol fills the client with love and restores balance.  The fourth Karuna level 1 symbol grounds the client and integrates the healing that has taken place during the session.

The four Karuna Reiki® level 2 symbols are of a higher vibration and more powerful than those of Karuna level 1.  They help connect directly with the Higher or Divine Self and work on a deeper level.
Chanting and toning with the Karuna symbols is taught in this class as well.

The Master Level of Karuna Reiki® is taught on day 3 of the class in which you learn how to attune others into the Karuna Reiki® system.

After completing the class, you will be able to practice, initiate and teach both levels of Karuna Reiki®.  A 45 page manual and certificate is included. 
Energy Exchange: $900*/$875

Karuna Reiki® Practitioner
Prerequisite: IIIa/ART/Master Practitioner
Learn Karuna Reiki® level 1 and level 2 on the first 2 days of the Karuna Reiki® Master Class.
Energy Exchange: $575*/$550
Reiki classes have an early registration discount of $25 if deposit is received 2 weeks before the scheduled class.
Accepted methods of payment: cash, check, or paypal.
Classes are held in Boulder, CO.