Ela Andrews, college student, Poland

Dear Christy! You are a true blessing in helping humanity see the divine light and reconnecting those who forgot about their true nature. I am forever grateful for you distance Reiki help, it helped me grow from a deep suicidal depression in December 2017 that lasted off and on for couple past years to a point where I am back in control of myself at this 24.02.2018 moment. You are a great teacher, helper, very wise and kind, patient and always reply to my messages no matter how lost and bad they may have sounded. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are very good at this and you know what to do, and how to do it and you helped me be back at the track of self development, healing, spirituality and conciousness. Up till now I have been using the Distance Reiki 24/7 support and it benefits me in so many ways that I am just so happy and feel like love from within me got unblocked and everything is so much positive around me! I will continue using it no idea for how long, as it also helps me with my schizophrenia while I heal it with alternative ways. Your sincerity and kindness, wisdom and love you have is like finding a beautiful powerful crystal and tuning with it for the best results! Thank you, Blessings and love, Ela Andrews