Heal Yourself Package



Heal Yourself Program

Includes Heal Yourself manual with 8 lessons, 8 mediations and 1 bonus meditation.

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This Heal Yourself program if perfect for those who want to develop intuition. You will learn basics that keep your energetic house clear while doing your intuitive and healing work.

The tools about grounding, connecting with cosmic energy and running your own energy can easily be integrated with Reiki.

Heal Yourself program lays down a foundation for using and developing your intuition in a healthy way. These tools are great for healers, energy workers, highly sensitive people and empaths.

Benefits of the Heal Yourself Program:

  • Feel more stable living in ever shifting times
  • Your abilities will help you stay balanced in stressful situations
  • When your energy field is clear your relationships become more clear
  • Energetically clear = greater health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (And financially!)
  • Greater alignment brings more energy for living your life fully, feeling alive and joyful, doing the things you love.

You learn how to:

  • get grounded & spiritually aligned
  • run your own energy & avoid taking on other’s energy
  • increase your intuition
  • create greater serenity
  • manifest with greater ease
  • tap into your inner being for your own clarity and solutions


  • 8 audio meditations mp3
  • 1 free bonus meditation
  • Heal Yourself Home Study Manual

The Heal Yourself Program was originally created by Christy DeArment and Judy Koons.



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