How to Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will with Reiki

I always affirm ‘I’m a clear and open channel and my ego steps aside’ before giving Reiki healing.

It’s not always easy putting the ego, the human mind aside.  Your divine mind is sometimes directing you towards something your human perspective resists.

For example, I had a dream recently that I’ve been pondering.  I dreamt on was on the LA free way.  I knew in my heart that Divine will wanted me to move to Los Angelus. This is not an area I’m drawn to.  To be clear, I would never want to move there. Yet, I knew in my dream that I would follow my soul level guidance and to move to LA, even though it’s not what my logical self would choose.

Looking back on my dream, I remembered that all of the lanes ahead of me were clear of traffic. The road was wide open and freshly paved. From what I know of traffic in LA, this is a miracle in and of itself.

This reminds me that if I’m meant to travel in a certain direction in my life, the universe will definitely clear the path for me.

It was also clear in my dream that it wasn’t a literal message to move. Just an example for me that I would understand.

You can trust that your soul-level, divine self holds a broader perspective than your ego self. Sometimes, the guidance makes sense to your mind and other times it doesn’t. You can trust the universe to keep you on the best path for you, especially when you stay connected with your own inner stream of well being.

How can you use Reiki to stay connected with your soul level self and align your personal will with divine will?

  • 506_426285694127990_178325804_n-2Reiki your throat chakra a lot.  This is the center where your heart and mind connect.  You will build trust in acting on your inner guidance.  It will also help you align your emotional and mental energies.
  • Reiki your soul star chakra along with your heart and root.  This will get you into your soul level perspective more fully.
  • To calm your ego mind, try sending Reiki to your solar plexus.
  • To deepen your connection with your dream state guidance, send some Reiki to your third eye and ascended heart chakras.
  • To get ground your soul’s intentions, Reiki your root and Earth star chakras.  You may find you take inspired actions that bypass your thinking.  Just doing something without even knowing why.

Surrendering your will to Divine will doesn’t mean you will lead a life of boredom and drudgery.  It will open you to a life of fulfillment beyond your human mind knows how to dream up. You can step into living unknown possibilities.

Sometimes you will be seem to be in a holding pattern, not moving forward. While spirit is clearing the path ahead of you.

Other times you will be moving ahead at a high level of speed which requires all of your focus and attention.

Ask the Reiki to flow to you to help you get in alignment with where you are just now.  The Reiki really can help you be in a state of love and appreciation with your life while connecting you more fully with your soul level awareness.

In loving Reiki light,


7 Ways Reiki Supports Overcoming Grief

Sweet Grief

With the potential to lead us closer to ourselves,

Deepening our soul connection.

Being comfortable in the void.

Teaching us to live fully now.

Losing loved ones is a natural part of the cycle of life.  Grief is the process of adjusting to a new reality. When in the state of grief we may experience very deep emotions ranging from shock, anger, sadness, confusion with moments of relief.    It may feel like someone ripped apart your aura and took a piece of you.

Remember Reiki can help with this process since it heals on all levels:  physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Reiki Muse
Lucy ~ 11 days before she transitioned.

For me personally, I lost my 15 year old dog, Lucy, in October.  She was so much a part of my daily reality that I felt very ungrounded my first night without her.   So much so, I felt a bit insane.  I cried a lot.  The Reiki helped me stay aware enough to use her death as a catalyst to consciously release any lingering grief in my system from losing my parents when I was a teen.

How do You come to terms and accept the emotions of losing someone?  Even if You are fully aware the death process is just a birth into non-physical there’s still a sense of loss.   There’s the spiritually aware perspective that we can celebrate for the loved one who’s moved on.  Yet, here we are with feelings of intense sadness. I must say even in the depth of it, I felt great excitement for the lightness at the end of the process.  I recognized the opportunity to tap deep into myself to become more fully who I am.

How long grief takes is different for everyone.  What is most important is fully allowing your emotions to move through you.  Grief moves through in waves.  Reiki can help You ride the waves taking each one as it comes.

I can sense and talk to loved ones in the spiritual plane who’ve out right told me grief gets in the way of clear communication with them.  What better motivation for allowing the energy of grief to work its ways through you, than to feel that heart connection with loved ones who’ve moved on.

Some of the symptoms of unreleased grief:The Reiki Muse

  • carrying excess weight
  •  lung problems
  • depression
  • addictions
  • over or under emotional
  • digestive troubles
  • neck or back pain
  • and more…

Ways Reiki can support the grief process for yourself or a loved one.

  1. Grief can be compounded if you’re regretting something you did or didn’t do.  You can Reiki yourself or a loved one to help them heal the past by utilizing the distant Reiki symbol.
  2. Reiki your intention of allowing the grief to move through you.
  3. Reiki the environment.  This will allow any expressed grief to be cleared from the surroundings.  It will also help clear the energy of the loved one who’s passed leaving a loving and uplifting feeling.
  4. Reiki yourself as you fall asleep or send distant Reiki to your loved one who’s in grief.  The Reiki will sooth you into sleep and help you process and release while sleeping.
  5. Reiki times You need to be at work or around others.  This will help You stay connected with yourself allowing You to be authentic.  It can create a bubble of loving energy around You making it easier to stay focused and breathe.
  6. Reiki your communication and interaction with others.  You’ll find words to express how you’re feeling authentically so others will respect where you’re at emotionally giving you space and support.
  7. Simply fill yourself and your aura with Reiki all the time.  Breathe it in and out.  Allow the Reiki to guide You in your own process.

By allowing yourself to be filled with Reiki during your grief process you’ll open yourself to finding the beauty in the breakdown.  You may even move through the process more quickly, or perhaps not.  Reiki will certainly ensure you complete the grieving process fully.  You’ll be left lighter and free.  You’ll be able to live in the now with you’re heart wide open.

In Reiki awareness,


Heal Your Shadow Self with Reiki and Archangels

Have You noticed that your shadow goes with You where ever You go?  It’s most prominent when the sun’s shimmering rays shine upon You accentuating your shadow.  Wouldn’t you rather perceive your shadow as an ally rather than a dark nemesis following You around?

What is the shadow self and do I have one?

The shadow self is the part of yourself you like to keep hidden.  It’s really not the first thing You want others to notice or the last thing for that matter.  You may even deny or repress this aspect of yourself.

When You take a deeper look into the darker aspects of yourself, You will notice how your shadow is only trying to be your friend and be of service You.  At some point in your life You may have experienced a hurt that your shadow self is only protecting You from living again.   Is that really so bad? You may have had feelings or acted in a way that You or someone else labeled unacceptable.  The shadow self is the part of yourself that You have buried and left separate from your conscious personality.

This unacknowledged and non-integrated part of yourself  may wreak havoc in your life by creating unwanted occurrences.  It may cause You to feel like a victim or out of control over the happenings in your life.  In your shadow you’ll find your guilt, shame,  unworthiness and other ‘non-evolved’ qualities. People like to project their shadows onto others, often unwilling to notice the same quality in themselves.

We all have a shadow self whether we like to admit it or not.  Do You hang out in the cloudy mists so no one notices your shadow? Thereby not fully living in the Light.   Do You judge or belittle yourself about your dark side? Or have You learned to befriend your shadow so You can dance in the bright sunlight together?

Benefits of Healing Your Shadow Self.

Befriending your dark side isn’t really that scary once you accept it’s only the part of your personality that You’ve kept in the shadows and hidden from the Light.  One of the biggest steps You can take for yourself in living a more fully enlightened life is embracing your shadow self.

Healing Shadow Self With Reiki

Once You’re not expending energy working against yourself and hiding your dark side, more energy is easily accessible for you to live in your power.   Imagine all that energy released into your full consciousness, what can You do with it?  Once integrated into your personality that old shadow energy is transformed leaving You a more bright and loving person.

With your shadow as your friend, You’re able to fully embrace your past and be expanded from the experiences you lived.  You’ll come to understand that your feelings and actions were the best You could do at the time bringing peace to You now.

Once You learn to love and embrace all parts of yourself you’ll find your life reflects more  Light and Love.   Notice how much easier it is to laugh at yourself.  You’ll find more acceptance and tolerance of others, since you’re more loving with yourself.

Using Reiki to heal your shadow self.

You can use Reiki to help heal your shadow self.  I guide students through this process in Karuna Reiki® and in the Reiki Master Teacher training.   You don’t need to be in a workshop to use Reiki  to heal your shadow self. You can activate any symbols you’re attuned to and journal or mediate with Reiki and your shadow self.

Communicate with your shadow self as a friend and get to know and understand it.  That’s the way to fully unlock the power of the positive aspects of your shadow self. You can ask the Reiki to help you realize how your shadow is trying to help and support You.  Ask the Reiki to bring the dark aspects of yourself into the light.

Asking for help from the Archangels.

Archangels are high vibrating beings of Light who have functions that help support us in our lives.  To invoke their assistance You only need to ask.  They are happy to help.  They perform well along with the Reiki.

Here is a list of angels along with their colors who can support You in healing your shadow self.  Feel free to call on one or all of them.

  •  Archangel Gabriel(copper) to help you out of your darkness and step fully into your life purpose.
  • Archangel Jeremiel (eggplant purple) will help You see and understand your life patterns.
  • Archangel Haniel (pale blue)will help shine light on your dark spots and help you see the beauty of You, helping you appreciate yourself in your perfection just as You are.
  • Archangel Michael (bright blue with some purple)helps eliminate any fears You’ve been holding.
  • Archangel Raphael (green) brings healing to all aspects of your life bringing truth and guidance.
  • Archangel Zadkiel (dark blue)allows the release of judgment and brings forgiveness of self and others.
  • Archangel Chamuel (pale green) brings feelings of peace and love and will help you see yourself and love yourself unconditionally.
Here’s to your path of love and enlightenment and allowing Reiki to support You along the way.
Reiki Blessings to You!
P.S. You can also learn to work with your own Spiritual Surgeon and Healing Master in the Advanced Heal Yourself program I co-created for

How to Restore Emotional Well-Being

Do You believe that Reiki will stop You from having negative emotions?    Are emotions bad? 

The Reiki Ideal “Just for today, do not anger”, could be interpreted to say do not be angry.  I just don’t think that’s The Reiki Musehumanly possible, nor healthy. 

The Reiki is inviting You to be present and in the moment.  Reiki helps You move through emotions and understand the underlying causes of them.  Reiki is love, a very amplified love.

Emotions are just guide posts.  Sadness, anger, frustration, and hopelessness just let You know that You’re believing thoughts that disconnect You from your inner Source. 

Emotions are energy.  Emotions remind You that you’re alive.  It can be thrilling to move through emotions.  To go from sad to hopeful can be thrilling.  Just to feel the energy lightening up can be exhilarating.

I don’t believe any energy is negative.  What people refer to as negative energy or emotions, I describe  that energy as “unwanted”.  You’re ready to let it go.

Anger or sadness can feel just fine in the moment when You’re feeling that way.  Only when You are ready to return to Your state of connection and center do those feelings become uncomfortable and unwanted.  The Reiki Muse

How Reiki helps restore emotional well-being:

  • Reiki can help You be with and move through Your emotions. 
  • Reiki will comfort You and fill You with love.
  • Reiki can bring clarity to the underlying thoughts that cause the unwanted emotions in the first place. 
  • Reiki will keep the energy flowing.  Only when emotions become stuck do they turn into health problems.
  • Reiki restores your connection with your inner Source.

I would start with Reiki over the heart and the head.  Then move to any other place the body is holding the emotion. 

Be thankful that You feel!  Be thankful for something else to Reiki. 

If You are in an emotional state, Reiki Yourself.  If You don’t know Reiki, call someone who does. 



Reiki and Sacred Dance

One of the first things I noticed when I was attuned to Reiki 10 years ago was how much more fluid my body’s motions seemed  There was a distinct difference before and after my initiation to Reiki.  Energy flowed more freely in my body which directly influenced the smoothness of my physical movements.

I love to dance.  To me, all dance is sacred.  Any dance style, class or free-form movement, with music or not, is holy.  Dance has the power to spark our internal flame and release blocks in our physical and energetic bodies.

How does this relate to Reiki?  Of course, I incorporate Reiki into everything I do.  So let me tell you ways to use Reiki with dance.

One of my favorite places to dance is at a live music concert.  Since concerts are usually very crowed places to dance, I use the power symbol around me to hold my space and help me to run my own energy.  I also like to draw symbols in the air while I’m dancing.  I enjoy sending distant Reiki to the musicians on stage and to the audience around me.  The Reiki facilitates a deeper connection with the crowd and the music. The vibration of the  loud music has a way of releasing unwanted energy.

I also use Reiki at sacred dance gatherings.  I put the Reiki symbols into myself and the room and call on my guides.  At the beginning of the dance, I notice how I am feeling in my body, emotions and mind.   I allow my body to be moved by the music and the Reiki.  In the first part of the dance I notice how the movement, music and Reiki heal me and help me release unwanted energy.  I see the colors of my aura around me as I move through the space.  As the songs move on there consistently comes a time when the Reiki starts flowing out of my hands.  I feel it as a tingling in my hands and see the Reiki as colors streaming around the room.  Often the Reiki will flow right out of the room into the whole town.  The Reiki also flows through me as I connect with other dancers in love and light.  By the end of a sacred dance gathering, I usually notice that what I noticed need healing in me before the dance started is usually feeling better.  Sometimes I need to sleep and I wake up before everything is healed.  The Reiki heals in conjunction with the movement of the dance and spreads healing energy around the space and to others.

Another way I use Reiki when I’m dancing is during a class when I’m learning new dance moves or sequences.  You can use the Reiki symbols you are attuned to.  I personally like to invoke Gnosa, from Karuna (R) Reiki.  I activate Gnosa for myself and others in the room as it helps us learn new movements and put them in body memory.

You can always invoke the Reiki symbols You know and combine the Reiki with movement to create healing for yourself. Start out by allowing the Reiki to flow within and around You.  Then allow Your body to move and follow its own impulses.  Move in silence or with music.  Move with others or by yourself.

Dance like no one is watching.  Allow the connection with Source and the Reiki to penetrate Your every move.