Full Moon Distant Reiki

Full Moon Distant Reiki & Meditation – August, 2020

Full Moon Distant Reiki
This full moon image is charged with Reiki to be received with your free will.

Happy Full Moon! 

Take a moment to relax and breathe in this gift of Full Moon Distant Reiki flowing to you now.

The full moon is in inquisitive and independent Aquarius tomorrow, August 3rd. For the next 24 hours you, (social media followers, email subscribers and those drawn to this site) are being sent distant Reiki as a gift to be received by your free will.  

Use the energy of this full moon to stay focused on following your individual interests based on your pure source connection. The Reiki will support you in tapping into your personal inspiration and joy.

Ask the Reiki to flow to your high heart to maintain your alignment with your soul’s intentions. Inspired changes will come about based on the purity of your unique connection with your source energy.

Now is a good time to be in touch with like-hearted friends and to take an impartial look at all of your relationships. Reiki will bring awareness to any changes you can make to promote greater harmony and mutual benefit. It brings things to light and releases the outdated patterns.

In addition, Reiki will help you stay flexible and adaptable during this chaotic time. Center in the power of your heart space and unity consciousness to bring greater ease in moving through the current energies as we begin to carve out the new reality.

The Aquarius moon brings out your rebellious side which may result in boldly expressing your truth, breaking out of ruts, and trying new things. Enjoy your personal freedom to be uniquely you. The world really does benefit from you being You!

Reiki Rainbow Meditation

The group Full Moon Reiki Rainbow Meditation will be August 3rd, at 11:58 am EDT/ 10:58 am CDT/ 9:58am MDT / 8:58 PDT, USA / 3:58 pm UTC. You don’t need to have Reiki to do this rainbow mediation. It can be done anytime in the next 24 hours with the intention that your energy joins with others at the set time. Click here to read more about the Reiki Rainbow Mediation.

I appreciate you and hope you enjoy the nurturing, loving and supportive healing energy being sent your way.

Click here to read more about Distant Reiki Healing.

Please see the FAQ page for more detailed information about the Full Moon Distant Reiki.



Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

FAQ – Full Moon Distant Reiki

Full Moon Distant Reiki

What is Reiki?
Reiki is spiritually guided life force that heals on all levels. This subtle yet powerful energy always works for the highest good and most benevolent outcome of all concerned. 

What will I feel?
You may notice heat, tingling or other sensations while the Reiki is being sent to you. You may not feel anything. You can trust the Reiki is always working to give you what you most need in each moment whether you consciously feel it or not. 

What if I didn’t know I was being sent Full Moon Distant Reiki?
You don’t need to do anything to receive this loving and healing energy. It will go where you need it most. It will never interrupt or interfere with what you are doing in the moment. The Reiki respects your free will. If you would rather not receive the Reiki, it won’t flow to you.

How can I more consciously experience the Reiki?
You can imagine breathing it into your heart, crown or anywhere else you feel you need it. You can even intend that the Reiki supports you with a specific goal. I suggest you pay attention to how you feel before and after.

Why do you send Distant Reiki every full moon?
The answer is quite simple. Click here to find out.

Click here to read more about Reiki.