Attracting Your Soul Mate with Reiki

Yes, you can use Reiki to help attract a partner. But like anything else with Reiki, don't be attached to certain results.Reiki always works in alignment with your most benevolent outcome. Sometimes your highest soul-level growth...

Number One Reason For Parents to Learn Reiki

Reiki empowers parents when raising children by giving them the ability to help with the touch of their hands. Reiki provides opportunity for...

Quieting the Conversation In Your Mind

Do You ever lie in bed at night realizing You need to have a conversation with someone but it's too late to call them up. I like to send Reiki to the conversation. Sweet dreams and happy conversations to You!

How To Live Surrounded By Love

Reiki helps create healthy boundaries. With Reiki You can create an energetic space of "only love in and only love out" around You.

Warning! Reiki May Improve Your Relationships.

Learning Reiki really can improve your relationships. So take heed! Reiki might inspire you to say "I'm sorry". The result? Instant recovery. We were back into our loving, commuicating, open hearted place