Attracting Your Soul Mate with Reiki

Reiki Rose water

I was recently asked if Reiki can help attract a loving partner?

Yes, you can use Reiki to help attract your soul mate. But like anything else with Reiki, don’t be attached to certain results. Reiki always works in alignment with your most benevolent outcome.

Sometimes your highest soul-level growth comes from being single and sometimes it comes from being in relationship. There is someone who is a perfect vibrational match for you. Just have patience and trust the divine timing.


Clearing Out the Old Energy

Reiki will not only help you attract an ideal soul mate, it will help you clear your relationship patterns that no longer serve you.You can use Reiki to clear out your energy after ending a relationship. The last thing you want to do is attract a new relationship filled with the same problems as the last one.


By using Reiki on yourself to become aware and release your patterns, you will set the stage for a truly new relationship.  The only constant factor in all your relationships is “You”.  With Reiki, you can fine tune yourself to be the best possible You, to attract the best possible partner for you.


For example, say you just ended a relationship with someone who you argued with a lot. If you don’t clear your vibration of argumentative energy, you’ll end up in another argumentative relationship. Of course, you may not notice this until after the newness wears off. If you’re still a vibrational match to arguing, that’s what you’ll attract.


With Reiki you can clear the energy in you that resonates with arguing , so you’re no longer a vibrational match to it (or whatever undesired relationship quality you’ve been experiencing). That way when you start a new relationship it can be truly fresh and new. You can create a sacred space with your new lover to reflect your current and new level of vibration.


Here’s just one idea for a way to clear out an old energetic pattern:


Reiki yourself while imagining the Reiki vacuuming away all the energy of your previous relationship that no longer serves you.  It can be a certain quality like arguing, playing the victim or feelings of abandonment.  Allow the Reiki to remove any unwanted energy while remaining open for personal insights and awareness into your relationship patterns.


Once you feel like you have cleared out all the unwanted energy allow yourself to be filled with Reiki and qualities which serve you to embrace like, clear communication, empowerment, and feeling connected with your divine self.


Appreciating Being Single

Reiki will also assist you in truly appreciating the time between relationships.  Reiki can illuminate your soul level desires and passions bringing them to the forefront, so you’ll remember what’s important to your soul level path in life.  With Reiki, you’ll get clear on aspects you are not willing to compromise on in your next relationship.


Reiki can help you learn to savor being in relationship with yourself as you treat yourself as you would a dearest love.  What a great way to nurture yourself by using the loving and nurturing energy of Reiki.  The deeper your self-love, the deeper your capacity to love another.


Cultivating Patience and Trust

You’ve done your inner work and are radiating your loving self.  Now you are ready to attract your loving soul mate.  Perhaps you’ve already started sending Reiki to meeting him/her.  You’re going to social functions that you’re guided to go to.  Still no luck.

Remember to send Reiki to yourself and cultivate patience and trust in divine timing.  When you are a perfect vibrational match to meeting someone you will.  Often when you least expect it and at a time you hadn’t even been giving meeting someone the slightest thought.  (It’s in those times, you are offering no resistance to meeting your lover.)

Connecting on the Spiritual Plane

Reiki Soul Mate

You can use Reiki to connect with your soul mate on the spiritual plane before you meet in the physical.  If you are attuned to the second degree, use the distant symbol to connect with the soul energy of your next ideal lover, whether it be your soul mate or twin soul. Intend that you connect in the astral plane during your dreams.

If you’re a Reiki I, just Reiki yourself with the intention that you’ll be connected spiritually with your ideal loving partner while meditating or during your sleep.


Just enjoy the feeling of connecting while savoring feelings of soul-level love.  Perhaps you’ll remember past life connections or glimpses of soul level memories.

Don’t get caught up trying to figure out where, when and how you meet in the physical.  Getting focused on specifics will most likely put you in a state of resistance.  If you get some details great, but the main point of connecting with your love on the spiritual plane is to feel the love and instill a sense of faith and trust.


Meeting Your Soul Mate

Keep sending Reiki without attachment to when, where and how. Stay open to the guidance your given. There’s no right or wrong way to meet. If you’re inspired to online date, go for it. If you just know that you’re meant to attend an event, then buy your ticket.

Keep your attention on loving yourself and radiating who you truly are.  There’s nothing more attractive than someone shining their soul-level self.

Trust that you’ll know in your heart and mind that you’ve met your loving partner. You may feel this knowing at first sight or perhaps after many years.  Know that you are love and deserve to be loved.

In loving Reiki light!


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Number One Reason For Parents to Learn Reiki

The number one reason for parents to learn Reiki is having the ability to heal, comfort and bond with our children at the touch of our hands.  Reiki provides peace of mind for the parents by knowing they can be an active part in their children’s recovery by simply laying Reiki charged hands on their babies.

The Reiki Muse

My five-year old daughter was sick a couple of weeks ago, which got me to thinking about how many times I’ve nursed my two daughters to health with Reiki. I am a naturalist and believe in the body’s ability to heal itself.   I have used modern medicine, doctors, dentists, naturopaths, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins.  Ultimately what I appreciate most is Reiki.

Using Reiki helps me because I know I’m actually doing something for my child.  I know I’m helping bring about my child’s well-being by just laying my hands on my daughter.  I also know the Reiki hastens recovery while reducing the severity of the symptoms.

Here’s some examples when Reiki came has been very helpful with my children:

First Aid:  Reiki is always available, I don’t need to remember to bring it along in my purse.  My first aid is Reiki until I can get to a band-aid.

I fell with my daughter who was 6 months old while carrying her in a back pack high in the mountains.  We were caught in a hail storm and making a run for the car.  When I tripped she hit her forehead on a rock.  When we got back to the truck I applied Reiki for 20 minutes which calmed and soothed her.  She was getting a huge lump on her forehead and I Reikied her for another 2 hours or so at home.  She woke up the next morning and the lump was gone.

Hospital/Surgery: Should your child ever need to be in the hospital Reiki can sooth your nerves while helping your child at the same time.

Another instance when I used Reiki was during my daughter’s dental surgery.  I was able to be with her and Reiki her while she was being put under general anesthesia.  I was in the waiting room sending Reiki.

Honestly, at times like these, I am helping myself feel better as much as helping my child.  I know the Reiki is fostering well-being, but  knowing I can be of comfort with my Reiki filled hands helps me trust in the healing process.

IllnessReiki bolsters the immune system.  So before or after the first sign of illness sets in, I use Reiki on my children.  Fevers are another great time for using Reiki.  I am of the mindset to let fevers run their course since they bring about healing.  I’ve even been up all night Reikiing a 105 degree fever on a weekend night.  The Reiki got us through till we could get to the doctor.

Many illnesses just take time for recovery.  It brings peace of mind while waiting for recuperation that I can be helping with Reiki.

Soothing emotions:  Growing children have lots of hormones coursing through their bodies which can lead to moodiness at times.  Children also experience sadness and grief and the full range of emotions just like adults do.  There’s nothing better than holding my daughters and giving Reiki filled hugs to settle the upsets.

Away from home:  Another bonus with Reiki is the ability to send distant Reiki to my daughters even if they aren’t with me.  When they are with friends, at school, or traveling I just send them distant Reiki to ensure their well-being.

Right now my older daughter is traveling with her Dad for a month. You bet I’m sending Reiki to her every day.  My younger daughter is starting kindergarten next week.  I’ve been sending Reiki to her starting school for months.  She even got in the class we were hoping for.

Reiki empowers parents when raising children by giving them the ability to help with the touch of their hands.  Reiki provides opportunity for bonding and cuddling while simultaneously bringing about well-being.  Reiki allows for fulfilling relationships with your children.  The ability to use Reiki during the most challenging times of being a parent uplifts and brings relief.

I highly encourage parents to learn Reiki. You and your family will be happy You did.

For those of You who are already attuned to Reiki… Reiki your children often.

Reiki Blessings to You and yours!

Christy Martin

Quieting the Conversation In Your Mind

Do You ever lie in bed at night realizing You need to have a conversation with someone  but it’s too late to call them up.  You need to talk with your boss, co-worker, friend or family member.  You’re not sure how the conversation will go.  You’re feeling uncomfortable about bringing up a certain subject AND you’re losing sleep

I like to send Reiki to the conversation.  I see the person that I want to talk with in my head.  I see us with open and clear lines of communication.  I see us surrounded by Reiki.  I notice the Reiki filling our hearts with Light.

The Reiki MuseBy sending Reiki to the upcoming conversation I am able to trust that the timing for the communication with be perfect.  I know that I’ll find the words to fully express myself and my words will be well received.  I trust the conversation will serve our highest good.

Most importantly, I can let the conversation in my head go knowing it will go well when I actually have the talk. 

Then I Reiki myself to sleep with silence in my head. 

Sweet dreams and happy conversations to You!


How To Live Surrounded By Love

The Reiki MuseReiki can help you create living boundaries that adapt for you as needed. Do You let people walk all over You?  Or do You have walls with barbed wire keeping people out?  A lack boundaries doesn’t serve and too strong of barricades doesn’t serve either.  Reiki helps create healthy and love filled boundaries.

With Reiki You can create an energetic space of “only love in and only love out” around You.

Here are some ways You can create healthy boundaries with Reiki.

For Your physical space – If You are attuned to the second degree, use the power symbol around you.  Imagine the power symbol at the outside of your aura.  For first degree practitioners imagine a Reiki charged rose at the edge of your aura.  The Reiki will keep You from absorbing other’s energy.

You can also just Reiki Yourself allowing the Reiki to literally fill up your aura.

For Your home – 2nd degree practitioners can put the power symbol at their doors or at the edge of their property.  If You live with others, you can put the power symbol over your office or bedroom door.  If you are first degree, then imagine a Reiki filled rose.  Or just let the Reiki fill your house.

For Your relationships – Reiki yourself with the intention to have healthy boundaries and remain in your personal power.  Notice how You lovingly find words that honor yourself.  That word just might be a simple “no”.  Or it might be a “yes”, after I take care of myself.

Notice how the people who stay in your space when you have a Reiki love filled boundary around you.  How are their moods?  Do You enjoy interacting with them with the Reiki filling Your space?  Do you find yourself communicating in a way that respects yourself while honoring the other?

Healthy boundaries mean you love yourself enough to take care of yourself.   Reiki will definitely fill you with self-love.  Notice how healthy boundaries help create respect from others.

For some people the Reiki will help them create stonger boundaries.  Others, the Reiki will help drop their walls and be more open and willing to let others in.

Create your healthy and loving Reiki boundaries today.  Why wait?

In loving Reiki light,


P.S. The Heal Yourself Program that I co-created has techniques to help you create sacred space around you.  Click here to find out more.

Warning! Reiki May Improve Your Relationships.

Learning Reiki really can improve your relationships.  So take heed!

What do I mean by improving your relationships?

Well, Reiki might inspire you to say “I’m sorry”.

Reiki helps end fights sooner than without Reiki, because it opens your heart.

Here’s a personal example:

I really don’t like saying sorry.  Well, I really don’t like to hurt others in the first place.  But more importantly, I HATE being wrong.  I admit it!

So after saying something not so nice (perhaps mean) to my husband, I put my hands over my heart and gave myself  bit of Reiki.  So right away, I felt the impulse to apologize.  Not only apologize, but to say “I’m sorry” first.  My husband usually comes in first with the “sorry”.

So I did.  I said “I’m sorry” first.   I was energetically aligned with myself and calm and open-hearted.  So my apology was well received.

The result?  Instant recovery. We were back into our loving, commuicating, open hearted place.

So what can You do to improve your relationships?

If You are attuned to Reiki, always remember to Reiki yourself when You find yourself in the middle of an argument, fight or outright brawl.  It really does sooth the anger and open your heart.  So when you find yourself apologizing, your partner or friend will respond to your well-balanced energy.

You can send distant Reiki  to both to yourself and to the person You are disagreeing with, if You are a Reiki II practioner.   Be aware of amazing results.

If You haven’t learned Reiki yet.   Consider taking a Reiki workshop.  But be aware, it just might make your relationship with yourself and others improve to a more loving and heartfelt place.