Reiki and Technology

I have used Reiki numerous times on modern technology.  Just today my husband and I used Reiki to download the new firmware for our dvd player that streams Netflix. Unfortunately, the connection kept getting lost before the software was downloaded.  So, my husband Reikied the router upstairs while I Reikied the dvd player downstairs.  I felt my hand tingle and the familiar Reiki heat as my hand rested on the dvd player.  We kept it up for about 20 minutes.  The download went without a glitch.  Also, we’ve been having trouble streaming movies for months.  Now, we can stream movies without interruption.

In the past I’ve similarly used Reiki to keep my computer from shutting down while downloading a fix to a virus.  I also had my sister sending distant Reiki at the same time.

Electronics respond so well to Reiki.  Smooth running technology tends to make our lives easier, as was the intention with technology in the first place.   Next time you find yourself with a device that’s making things more complicated instead of easier, put your Reiki filled hands on it, and perhaps you won’t need tech support after all.

4 thoughts on “Reiki and Technology

  1. your posts are very inspiring, interesting to see how you optimally apply reiki in your life which is a good thing 😀 , keep it up

  2. Maam, I thank you will all my heart for allowing us fellows to have more insights to the creativity of reiki. If somewhere we were to begin…..then its only here that we will be to complete. Thank you again for all your posts to express completeness…n bring abt wholeness. Reiki love n light to you…..keep emitting……a lot more will be shown for us!

  3. Hello I am from India. I also did the same to increase the download speed. Reiki Power has no such limitations as it is guided by our intentions.our intentions are not subject to any physical laws. Yes if we think so it is so. I request you to do the DSN course of Art of living. It bombards reiki power!

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