Why Reiki Is Helpful For Travel

Traveling can be stressful and tiring, even though the ultimate goal is to relax while on vacation. Reiki is very helpful for travel. Reiki helps you relax along the way, boosts your immune system, aids falling asleep at night, and aligns your energy.

Overcome Fear with Reiki

Did you know you can use Reiki to overcome fear and live more empowered and free?When you are in your power, you base your choices on love and experience more freedom and joy. It's important for each of us to transform our fears. When we step into our innate loving, soul empowered natures, we help...

Activating Dolphin Reiki Healing Guides

You can consciously activate the dolphin healing guides with Reiki. Dolphin energy is like Reiki energy since both are filled with rainbow light emitting the vibration of love and joy. Dolphins are adept energy healers. When the dolphins guides show up in a Reiki session they like to...

Heart Chakra Reiki Blast

The Heart Chakra Reiki Blast

Here’s a Reiki technique to make your life easier. You can use it for specific situations or live this way all the time. You might notice if you radiate Reiki from your heart chakra people are attracted to you, simply because...

Spark Joy in Your Life with Reiki

My guides have always taught me to go towards what brings me joy in life. When meditating upon things that bring me joy, even with Reiki turned on, I found it a little hard at first. I started out looking for...

Reflexology as Energy Healing

Reflexology, like Reiki, is a form of energy healing, especially when you get a session from someone attuned to Reiki. Your body gets an energetic tune up from a reflexology session.

Living Reiki Water

Hydration is important to your body's self healing ability. You can raise your consciousness and the vibration of the water you drink with Reiki.

Reiki Transforms Your Relationship with Pain and Stress

Have you ever found yourself experiencing physical pain so strong you can't stand up? Have you felt emotional pain so severe you thought your heart would explode?  Have you lived through stress so intense you felt you were losing your mind? Reiki helps you move out of resistance and into the flow of all that is. Reiki helps you tap into your unlimited and expansive inner power.

Reiki First Response

Always remember you have far more to offer from your place of well-being than from your place of worry and fear. And no matter how you personally feel when you send Reiki to someone, the Reiki will enter them feeling like love and peace. It won't transfer...

The Healing Benefits of Going Barefoot With Reiki.

Are you feeling scattered, drained, anxious, having trouble sleeping or headaches? A free healing session is just beneath your feet. Going barefoot allows the Earth to...