Is Your Pet a Reiki Healer?

Animals can be attuned to Reiki, but is your pet a Reiki healer? I have attuned many dogs and cats who show varying interest in giving Reiki. It's a great pleasure to be around horses initiated to Reiki. In the past, my dogs I attuned to Reiki held space during sessions by lying under the … Continue reading Is Your Pet a Reiki Healer?

Distant Reiki Healing Answers

In this article you will find answers to some common questions about Distant Reiki healing. It's understandable if you feel skeptical about remote healing. Usually, we go to see our wellness practitioners in person. People often wonder how distant healing works. You may want to try a distant healing yourself to know if it's really for you. You may discover that you prefer distant healing. There certainly are some practical benefits to receiving energy work in the comfort of your own home.

4 Things You Can Do To Get Lasting Reiki Benefits

Reiki can heal all sorts of conditions. It can lift away the underlying energetic causes and help you create new and healthy energetic patterns. Many people notice profound shifts after a Reiki session where they are filled with more peace, less pain, and feel more love and optimism. Some shifts last for a day, weeks, months or permanently. Do you ever wonder how to make your positive Reiki results last longer? 

Facilitating Death and Dying with Reiki

Reiki helps people and animals transition from their bodies with grace and ease. A healer’s work isn’t always about ...

How to Use Reiki as A Sunscreen and Get More Vitamin D

Reiki can be used to boost your sun protection and vitamin D absorption. Turn the sun into your friend...

Distant Reiki

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Healing The Past with Reiki

Have You ever thought to send Reiki to historical events? Anyone effected by a historic event across time and space has the possibility of being restored to wholeness when you send Reiki to the past.

Whales Appreciate Reiki

Whales appreciate Reiki.

Reiki Helps the Earth after Natural Disasters

How can You help the Earth or areas of disaster? You can send Reiki to the area, including people, plants, animals, minerals, and elements.

Reiki Dreams

So let me give You some ideas You can use with your own dreaming. You can Reiki yourself to sleep at night intending the Reiki to flow into your dream state.You can also use Reiki to interpret your dreams and help You remember them more clearly