Enter the Reiki Realm State of Being

Reiki sessions often bring on a dream like state that I call the Reiki realm. This state of being feels very relaxed like between sleeping and waking. You could also call it the Reiki sleep or dream. Many people have visions, like dreams, or experience inner knowing, awareness or guidance filled with peace in the Reiki realm.

Words to describe the Reiki Realm

I recently came across the Sanskrit word, “Unmani”, which seems to accurately reflect what I call the Reiki realm, in the book “Love Whispers” by Swami Rama. It’s an entirely different state from waking, dreaming or sleeping. Unmani is the intermediate state between being awake and being asleep. I love that there are words for this hard to put into words state of being.

Likewise, the Japanese have a word that seems to describe the Reiki realm well. “Yugen”, in Japanese, means a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.

Both of these word, yugen and unmani represent a state of no mind, no thought, no fear, or an experience that goes beyond explanation. When you intellectualize the experience you create a new reality that causes you to lose touch with the original occurrence.

The gift of the REiki realm

The Reiki Realm reminds me of twilight, my favorite time of day, the transition between day and night. The yugen or unmani-like state can show us unique things that can’t be fully accessed while we are awake. It’s kind of like stepping into the fairy realm, in this world yet not of this world.

We can forget all that we think we know in this state and surrender to what shows up for us in the moment, our vastness and divine light. Reiki gives us the gift of stillness, expansiveness, glimpses of deep understanding, and an energetic reset for the body, mind and spirit.

Allow yourself to receive the gift of this healing energy and enter into the Reiki realm as often as you can.

In loving light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

P.S. When you get distant sessions from me, I do my best to put words to the feelings beyond words and to imprint the vast energy into the words you read.

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What to Expect From a Reiki Session

What to expect from a Reiki session

You may have heard about the healing powers of Reiki and wonder what Reiki can do for you and what to expect from a Reiki session.

Reiki is a very safe and gentle form of energy healing. In general, most people feel deeply relaxed after a Reiki session. The following information will help you feel more comfortable about your first Reiki session.

Can Reiki heal my condition?

I get asked all the time if Reiki can heal a specific condition. The short answer is yes, Reiki can heal any condition. Yet, there is no guarantee that it will.

Any condition has the potential to be healed completely and Reiki has helped many with most known conditions. Your body is designed to heal itself if given what it needs. Reiki provides nourishing energy to facilitate your body’s self repair abilities. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

There is no way to know in advanced if your condition, situation or relationship will be healed to your expectations. Reiki practitioners can not predict the healing outcomes you can expect from Reiki.

In fact, Reiki practitioners are taught not to be attached to specific results because Reiki always works for your highest good and most benevolent outcomes. Reiki follows Divine will and your personal will about what healing outcomes you experience. Your personal healing is between you and God or your higher self.

Reiki won’t force a healing that you are not ready for. I have been told by my Reiki guides that the energy of a condition was cleared during the session, but that the client would recreate it in their mind. For whatever reason, they weren’t mentally ready to let it go. And that is okay. The Reiki and your practitioner accept you as you are.

Does Reiki have any side effects?

Reiki never causes harm and doesn’t have any harmful side effects. It has the ability to lift away symptoms by addressing the underlying cause. You may notice symptoms temporarily intensify while your body is healing. This is called a healing crisis. It isn’t common, but it does happen. If you do notice anything becoming more pronounced, trust that it is part of the healing process and will pass. 

For example, when I had my Reiki Master attunements, I noticed that I was very irritated for the next day or two after. That was the Reiki clearing out my mental and emotional bodies. It passed and I felt lighter afterward.

Always follow your internal guidance about what you need after Reiki. You may need extra rest or feel like eating more or less. 

Does the practitioner take on my negative energy?

No, the Reiki has built in protection to keep the practitioner from taking on any of the client’s unwanted energy. The Reiki also keeps you from taking personal energy from the practitioner. You draw the Reiki through the practitioner but not from the practitioner’s personal energy.  After the session is over, your energy is yours and the practitioner’s energy is theirs. 

You can expect to be in a safe and loving sacred space while receiving Reiki.

Will Reiki make me vulnerable to negative energy?

No, the Reiki is love and won’t open you to dark forces. It is high vibrating energy that has built in mechanisms that protect you from unwanted energy. Reiki is love and never causes harm.

Can you tell what is wrong with me?

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose illness or prescribe medicine. The Reiki will go to the underlying cause of your symptoms. You may be told where on your body you were drawing in Reiki more strongly. The Reiki practitioner will not be able to tell you why. For example, your abdomen may be absorbing a lot of Reiki, but the Reiki practitioner can’t tell you that you have gall stones. You may be given practical advice to drink lemon water or take a few minutes of self reflection time each day.

Can I have too much Reiki?

There is never too much Reiki. You are in control of how much Reiki you draw in from the practitioner. Repeat sessions are beneficial. You can receive Reiki from more than one person. The Reiki is always a safe form of energy healing.

Do I have to believe in Reiki for it to work?

No, Reiki works whether you believe in it or not. You only need to be willing to receive the energy for it to work. 

How long will I feel better after a Reiki session?

Everyone is different. You may feel better for a day, a week, a month or years. 

Various factors influence the results you get from a Reiki session and how long they last, such as:

  • Your personal beliefs
  • Divine will
  • Your willingness to change
  • Your receptivity
  • Your nutrition
  • spiritual/life path
  • level of stress in your life

Most people feel very relaxed after a Reiki session. Every Reiki session is unique, but feeling relaxed one thing you can pretty much expect from your Reiki session. Give Reiki a try to fully understand what it will do for you personally. 

In loving light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

Using Reiki To Be Kind and Increase Your Vibration

The Reiki Muse

The Original Reiki Ideals

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and BE KIND to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer,

Pray these words to your heart,

And chant these words with your mouth.

by Mikao Usui

Why do the Reiki ideals remind us to be kind?

I love that the Reiki ideals outright say to be kind.  I would like to add to be kind to all living beings, not just to people.

Kindness raises your vibration and uplifts the world around you. Being kind in thought, word and deed is a powerful choice.  You can ask Reiki for help in being kind.

What does being kind mean?  

Being compassionate, big-hearted, gentle, respectful, benevolent, nice, caring and loving.  Being kind requires you to connect with the living essence of another living being.  How do we connect with another being you may ask? It’s simple. Through your heart. Reiki energy opens our hearts and softens our minds.

In addition, Reiki can help you give up the need to be right. Wanting to be right or judge causes us to disconnect from the the core of ourselves which is love. It’s our ego’s way of saying, “I’m better than you”, or “I’m smarter than you”.

When you connect with your heart space, you’ll find that other people’s way of being or doing, is based on their unique perspective, which is no better than our own, just because it is different. Is it really worth losing love by being right? (Yes, this means even when you are driving or scrolling through social media.)

The importance of Being kind to yourself

And let’s not forget about yourself. Examine your own thinking. Are you being kind to yourself in your thoughts? Notice if you are beating yourself up, judging yourself or berating yourself. If you discover you’re thinking an unkind thought about yourself, pause and take a deep breath. Turn on your Reiki and allow your mind to soften and join up with your loving heart energy.

By being loving and kind to yourself, you’ll find it much easier to treat others with gentle concern. Being kind to yourself is the beginning of adding light to the world around you.  Sometimes being kind to yourself or others may mean setting boundaries and saying ‘no’.  The Reiki will guide you toward your own source connection to discover your own answers.

If you are saying yes, when you really don’t want to do something, you’re only hurting yourself. Either learn to say no, or ask the Reiki to help you line up your energy with what you’ve agreed to do.

How can you use Reiki to help you be kind to yourself and others?  

Reiki yourself and focus on the word kindness. Just allow the Reiki to flow and notice how you feel. If you are attuned to the distance symbol, you can send Reiki ahead of you on your path for the day while infusing the quality of kindness. You could charge a quartz crystal and place an affirmation under it such as, “I am kind to all living beings, especially myself”.

Just by focusing on kindness, you’ll notice it more. You’ll see your gentle and loving thoughts about yourself being reflected back to you from the world around you. With all that positive caring reinforcement, you’ll find it easier and easier to be kind.

If you come across someone who is just being rude, you’ll know they aren’t feeling those gentle and loving thoughts right now. Then, it’s your choice, what will you mirror back to them? I suggest turning on your Reiki and filling yourself up with it and radiating it out.

Reiki connects us with the power of now and the feeling of ‘all is well’. When we truly remember all is well, kindness comes naturally.

In Loving Reiki Light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

7 Reasons To Choose An In-Person Reiki Workshop

You may have noticed that some websites offer online Reiki attunements.  Some will set a time with You to receive the initiation.  Others may have You watch a video.  Some may actually do a virtual course.

Distant Reiki attunements do work.  If You are attracted to them, I would suggest going with one that offers support and training.  Technology offers amazing advantages these days allowing us to connect with others from a distance.

A disadvantage of distant initiations is You don’t get hands on experience to learn with others.  You don’t get to see the expressions of other students’ faces as they bask in the energy of a Reiki attunement.   You can’t lay Your hands on your fellow students and experience the new flow of Reiki with someone at the same time.

There are advantages to learning Reiki in person.

7 Reasons to take a Reiki Training in a face to face workshop are:The Reiki Muse

1. You have the opportunity to connect with other students.

Spirit has an amazing ability to bring together students in a Reiki class for the mutual benefit of all concerned.  For example, it might bring together students working on the same life lessons such as self-worth.  The class may bring together a couple of students adept at seeing energy with a couple who are better at feeling it.  Everyone gets the benefit of the other’s experience.

You also can get to know each other further at Reiki shares.  You become part of a Reiki community with people who share your interest in energy healing.

2.  You and your Reiki Master Teacher have the chance to get to know each other.

During a live Reiki workshop there is plenty of opportunity for sharing.  The Reiki Teacher shares experiences that can help You in using this healing energy system.   The teachings can also be taught in a way that most suits the learner.

3. Live feedback from your Reiki Teacher and other Reiki Students.

Instant feedback  helps You master the application of Reiki techniques and fosters trust in your intuition while using the healing energy.  For example, You can find out if the pressure of your hand or  positioning of your hand needs to be adjusted for the comfort of the receiver.  Or You may find that the Reiki felt strongest over a certain part of the body and that’s where the person on the Reiki table had been experiencing pain before the class.

4. The opportunity to fully immerse yourself in practicing Reiki.

In a workshop setting You’ve scheduled yourself to be there.  You have uninterrupted time and space to bask in the Reiki energy all day.  With the guidance of a teacher you’re likely to integrate the Reiki energy on a deeper level than if You are by yourself.  Kind of like going to a yoga class versus practicing at home, I know I get way more out of it if I attend a class.

5. Develop confidence in your Reiki ability.

By the time you’ve left your Reiki workshop you’ve had plenty experience using the Reiki.  You’ve had feedback from the Reiki Master Teacher and fellow students.  By the time you go home you’ve already started the process of trusting Reiki and your intuition using the Reiki.  You’ve felt the Reiki’s effect on yourself and others and you know that the Reiki is working for everyone’s highest good.  The more You use it the stronger it gets and so does your confidence in the healing strength of the energy.

6. The advantage of practicing giving Reiki sessions to others.

You’ve already given at least one full session during the workshop.  So when you are on your own the people you work on will feel comfortable receiving a treatment from You.  And You’ll feel at ease working on others too.  If you’re planning on offering Reiki services, I highly recommend you’ve had plenty of practice sessions.

7. Experience being supported while integrating the Reiki energy.  Other’s can be your witness in your emotions or your realizations.

Reiki has a way of clearing out our energetic systems.  This release of energy often brings up old patterning and emotions.  It’s so powerful to acknowledge your moving experience in the presence of others.  We are able to support and honor each other during the class with the loving Reiki energy.

Give yourself the gift of learning Reiki in an in-person workshop.  When you’re ready to learn Reiki or take the next level of Reiki, find a Reiki Master Teacher that You feel suits You.   If You’re in Colorado, You can find my class list on the Learn Reiki Page .

Reiki Blessings to You!


When Reiki Becomes The Teacher and Guide

I always teach students in my Reiki workshops that Reiki will lead and guide them along their paths if they open themselves up to receiving Reiki guidance.  I am a Reiki Teacher, yet the fuller truth is Reiki itself is the Teacher.  I am a vessel that the Reiki energy and information goes through. Just as the Reiki practitioner is a channel for the healing energy to move through.

In each Reiki workshop I am guided on how to best convey the Reiki teachings to the individuals in the class.  I teach the same things in each workshop, yet the way things are worded or how I have the student practice may be slightly different.

Once I’ve attuned students to Reiki my goal is to have them reach a place of confidence, trust and reliance on the Reiki.  My aim is to have the new Reiki practitioner leave the Reiki workshop empowered and dedicated to using Reiki in their lives daily.  I encourage them to integrate the Reiki into what ever  practices they are already using in their lives such as: yoga, massage, meditation, modern medicine, therapy, dance, career, parenting or play.

How do I foster my student’s confidence in using Reiki? The Reiki Muse

1. I allow for plenty of practice time using Reiki.  Reiki energy is unseen by most.  Therefore, giving and receiving Reiki during the workshop allows for the student to develop a relationship with the Reiki.  How it feels when it flows through them.  How the Reiki cycles, ebbs and flows.  What it feels like to receive Reiki.

2. I encourage the person receiving Reiki and for the giver of Reiki to share what they notice when Reiki is being given.  This helps the new Reiki practitioners trust in the unseen effects of the Reiki.  When someone first learns Reiki it’s so important to have feedback, so they know they aren’t making things up in their head.

For example, the Reiki student feels that the receiver of Reiki needs Reiki at the hips and goes there first.  The acknowledgement of the person on the table that they’ve had hip problems bolsters the confidence of the new Reiki practitioner.

3. I have the students practice various techniques during the workshop to show powerful ways Reiki can be used.

4. All the while during a Reiki workshop, I’m asking my students to tap into and trust their intuition, because the Reiki will guide Reiki practitioner.  It’s such a joy to watch people trust their guidance.  Watching people feel with their hands and go where the Reiki sends them the messages.  Sometimes the Reiki’s direction is tingling hands, sometimes inner knowing, or an inner voice, a picture in the mind or a feeling in the body.

The only thing that puts any limits on the use of Reiki is a lack of creativity.  I encourage the students to tap into their creative source and to be open to how Reiki can be used to promote healing and energetic wellbeing in their lives.

My hope is that once leaving my workshops that the Reiki practitioners go from hearing my voice in their heads when they use Reiki to hearing the voice and inner promptings of the Reiki.  Reiki attunements open the third eye and heart chakras allowing for a deepening of intuition.

Not only will the Reiki guide You in how, when and where use Reiki.  Reiki will guide You on your path to self-awareness.  Reiki will put creative ideas for how to use Reiki that suit You or people You know.  You just need to be open and allow yourself to trust the Reiki guidance.

You’re not making it up.  The Reiki guidance is real even if it’s unseen.   That’s part of the benefit of being with others when You learn.  It’s so easy to see how strong your intuition is using Reiki, when You have feedback from others in your Reiki workshop confirming what You are sensing.

It’s such a joy to hear about ways that Reiki has guided students when they come back for Reiki II, Reiki III or Karuna Reiki®.  Not only will Reiki guide You in your healing process and how to best help other’s in their healing, it will guide You in your path of self-discovery and persoanl awareness.

I’m with You when You learn Reiki, yet the Reiki is with You a life time.  Your connection with Reiki can never be broken.  Keep trusting and following your guidance.

Interpreting the Reiki Ideals With The Law of Attraction

When reading the Original Reiki Ideals I notice the wording is contrary to the law of attraction.  The word “not” doesn’t take away from the focus of anger and worry.  You know when You tell someone not to look and they instantly turn their head toward You.  I understand and feel the deeper meaning and energy of the Reiki principles.  In this article I will share the deeper meaning of the Reiki ideals and my alternate positive wording version.

Original Reiki Ideals The Reiki Muse

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer,

Pray these words to your heart,

And chant these words with your mouth.

Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind

The Founder … Usui Mikao

I teach that the words “Just for today” invite us to be present and live in the moment.  Living in the now is an underlying principle applicable to the entire Reiki ideals.

The words “do not be angry” are not to be taken literally.  To never anger would be unhealthy and cause us to stifle our emotions, which would result in disease.  Instead look for the underlying beliefs and thoughts that lead to anger.  If You live present in the moment and accept that things are in perfect order anger is easier to release and harder to come by.  A deeper meaning of this principle reminds us that emotions are just guidance.  They let You know if You are believing thoughts that don’t serve You.

I think the words “do not worry” encourage You to live in the present.  If You are worrying, You are focusing your thoughts on something in the future that You don’t want to happen.

The Reiki idealBe filled with gratitude acknowledges that appreciation is a high vibrational state of mind.  When we are noticing things to be thankful for we uplift ourselves which allows us to feel better.  When we are in a state of gratitude the things we love and want in our lives come easily to us.

I like to interpret the deeper meaning of the words “devote yourself to your work” as devoting yourself to your inner work and your spiritual growth.  I see it as being mindful in your work and the tasks related to living.  Your work is following your highest path and living in integrity with your Highest Truth.  Your job is to tend to your alignment between your self and your Higher Self.

The Reiki principle of “be kind to people” brings to mind what about the animals and the other living things on this Earth.  I interpret this Reiki ideal to include all living things, including yourself.

I have altered the original Reiki ideals removing the negative wording.  The alternate version brings attention more to what we want as opposed to what we don’t want.  Those of You familiar with the Abraham teachings on Law of Attraction might recognize some of the wording.

Alternate Reiki IdealsThe Reiki Muse

Just for today, I choose appreciation

Just for today, I choose to accept my emotional guidance

Just for today, I trust All Is Well

I devote myself to my inner work while living in integrity

I show love and respect for all Life.

Christy DeArment  … September 25, 2010

Does Reiki Really Work For the Highest Good?

The Reiki MuseReiki always works for your highest good.  Reiki is intelligent and always adjusts for each individual.   Reiki is intelligent energy which maintains a connection with your higher self.

Sometimes it may not seem like the Reiki is really working for the highest good of all concerned.   Sometimes things just get worse before they get better, sometimes relationships don’t improve, sometimes people pass on, sometimes we don’t get the job we really wanted.

It’s easy to trust that the Reiki is working for the highest good when there is recovery or everything goes the way we want it to.  But what about those other times?

I can tell You till I’m blue in the face not to be attached to results when You are using Reiki.   I can remind You to lovingly detach from the situations and people You Reiki.  Sometimes it’s just not that easy, is it?

I can tell You that it doesn’t reflect on your ability to use Reiki if things don’t work out the way You intend.

Should You find yourself disappointed or doubting Reiki, I suggest that You Reiki yourself or get a session from another Reiki practitioner.  The Reiki can help restore You to a state of inner balance.

Reiki can’t help You control situations, but it can help You stay aligned with yourself.  Your state of alignment is the only thing You can control.

When You return to your place of wholeness and connection in the NOW,  You are ready to go out and meet your future.   You can effectively grieve your losses.  You can go out and find the relationship or job of your dreams.

Here’s a story I share with my Reiki students.

There was a woman who was getting chemo treatments who didn’t want to lose her hair.  She received lots of Reiki with the intention of not loosing her hair.  She lost her hair anyway.

This woman then goes to a wig store to find a wig.  While she’s in the wig store, she meets the man of her dreams.  She wouldn’t have met this man had she kept her hair.

So remember Reiki always works for your highest good.  Reiki yourself often.  Love yourself enough to stay centered and trust everything is all working out for the best.