Warning! Reiki May Improve Your Relationships.

Learning Reiki really can improve your relationships.  So take heed!

What do I mean by improving your relationships?

Well, Reiki might inspire you to say “I’m sorry”.

Reiki helps end fights sooner than without Reiki, because it opens your heart.

Here’s a personal example:

I really don’t like saying sorry.  Well, I really don’t like to hurt others in the first place.  But more importantly, I HATE being wrong.  I admit it!

So after saying something not so nice (perhaps mean) to my husband, I put my hands over my heart and gave myself  bit of Reiki.  So right away, I felt the impulse to apologize.  Not only apologize, but to say “I’m sorry” first.  My husband usually comes in first with the “sorry”.

So I did.  I said “I’m sorry” first.   I was energetically aligned with myself and calm and open-hearted.  So my apology was well received.

The result?  Instant recovery. We were back into our loving, commuicating, open hearted place.

So what can You do to improve your relationships?

If You are attuned to Reiki, always remember to Reiki yourself when You find yourself in the middle of an argument, fight or outright brawl.  It really does sooth the anger and open your heart.  So when you find yourself apologizing, your partner or friend will respond to your well-balanced energy.

You can send distant Reiki  to both to yourself and to the person You are disagreeing with, if You are a Reiki II practioner.   Be aware of amazing results.

If You haven’t learned Reiki yet.   Consider taking a Reiki workshop.  But be aware, it just might make your relationship with yourself and others improve to a more loving and heartfelt place.

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