Facilitating Death and Dying with Reiki

www.thereikimuse.com Reiki helps people and animals transition from their bodies with grace and ease. A healer’s work isn’t always about helping someone get better in the physical sense. Sometimes, a healer facilitates the death process.Returning to non-physical is the ultimate healing and part of the soul’s natural progression.

Reiki never interferes with an individual’s life or death choices. It just won’t work to wish someone dead while sending Reiki. Reiki never causes harm. You can send Reiki with the intention to support the dying process. And by no means does it mean you’ve failed when you are Reikiing someone with the intention that they recover and they die anyway.

As always, it is important to release attachment to outcomes when giving Reiki.  Reiki always follows God’s will which operates beyond our human egos. Reiki supports divine timing in when someone leaves their physical body.

There have been times I thought a person would die within minutes of sending Reiki and they have lived for months. This gives

www.thereikimuse.comthem time to spend with friends and family. Other times, they pass quickly. When the most benevolent outcome is death of the physical body. Reiki helps those near the end of their life transition with less pain and more inner peace.

It will help create an environment of holiness, even in a hospital.

It will facilitate loved ones being there for final conversations that bring completion and clarity. Reiki helps decrease the side effects of medication and decreases discomfort from medical procedures.

Numerous times I have been asked by concerned family members to Reiki terminally ill patients in person and from a distance. So far only my dog, Lucy, actually left her body while receiving hands-on Reiki from myself, my daughter and a friend. I have yet to experience giving Reiki hands on when a person while they journey into non-physical. I’m sure it would be magical and bittersweet.

And whether you are attuned to Reiki or not, you can provide comfort with your loving presence and healing touch. I didn’t have Reiki when my dad was sick with cancer when I was a teen.  I did reflexology on his feet knowing that my healing touch was giving him comfort.

Every time I send Reiki to someone near the end of their life I see a lot of white light and sense the presence of their guardian IMG_3846angels, guides and loved ones from the other side. I work with Archangel Azrael to help the dying feel comfort, love and peace as their time draws near.

Often, there is fear of letting go. Reiki helps with releasing attachment to this lifetime and open to spirit. Reiki helps the dying relax into the unknown surrounded by loving and caring energy.

I feel great happiness when the family member who requested the Reiki is with their loved one at the time of passing. This is such a profoundly sacred moment which usually leaves a lasting impact.

Often the dying choose to leave without the presence of their family members.  This happens because the loved ones have a hard time letting go.  So it’s just easier for everyone that way.

Archangel Azrael also offers comfort to those who have just lost a loved one as well. Just ask for his support.

If you are attuned to Reiki, give it freely to those you know and love who are in their final stages of life to help them pass with comfort, grace and dignity. It will help you and them let go and be more fully present to the beauty of transition into non-physical.

I look forward to Reiki being a standard practice in end of life care. I am always here to offer my energetic support for you and your loved ones.

In loving Reiki light!


5 thoughts on “Facilitating Death and Dying with Reiki

  1. Hi, I am a Reiki healer and the last 3 days I am distance healing a family member who is near the end of her terminal illness. I was asked to give her Reiki 3 days ago. The first day the Reiki presence was so strong to me and I felt a sense of her pain but not in a hurtful way. It was so intense in my third eye. I could see the globes of yellow light cascade in a sweeping motion amongst the purple background and I was amazed by this experience. The second day a similar experience though not as strong and throughout the Reiki I saw 2 black shapes and I could not connect anymore. Today I have sent Reiki once more and I felt it weakly and now I cannot connect. I wonder whether she has passed?


    1. Hi Ellie,
      I’m not sure why you aren’t connecting. For me I can connect even when someone has passed over. Often just sensing light with less detail. Perhaps the Reiki was just doing its work without you being aware of what was happening. Or perhaps she was no longer on some level wanting to receive Reiki. Or she had crossed over and you were getting less information. In any case, I’m glad that you are able to help your family member transition with Reiki. And I’m sure by now, you have heard from your family if she has passed.
      Love and light to you and yours!

  2. Thank you…your site was very helpful. Asked to give Reiki to a clients dying brother…felt very emotional…but we are giving love..and i pray he feels an emotional. Release. With love.

    1. Hi Cecilla,
      I’m glad you got to help with the transition. Reiki is so powerful. I’m sure he felt the loving support and emotional release. Many blessings to you! Christy

  3. Regarding not feeling anything after channeling Reiki to a dying person, it is quite normal, for they have reached their destination. Even when I was asked by a person to send Reiki to a person who was on death bed, first she received very powerfully, but when she passed away the Reiki stopped automatically , and I knew she had passed away peacefully. I was giving her distance Reiki only,and I had never even seen her. Reiki is very powerful. I am a Reiki Master, and have been practicing Reiki everyday without fail fr the last 25 years.
    Even otherwise when you are channeling to a person, the person only receives the amount needed, nothing more or less, for Reiki knows how much a person needs, and would automatically stop when the need is fulfilled.

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