Enter the Reiki Realm State of Being

Reiki sessions often bring on a dream like state that I call the Reiki realm. This state of being feels very relaxed like between sleeping and waking. You could also call it the Reiki sleep or dream. Many people have visions, like dreams, or experience inner knowing, awareness or guidance filled with peace in the Reiki realm.

Words to describe the Reiki Realm

I recently came across the Sanskrit word, “Unmani”, which seems to accurately reflect what I call the Reiki realm, in the book “Love Whispers” by Swami Rama. It’s an entirely different state from waking, dreaming or sleeping. Unmani is the intermediate state between being awake and being asleep. I love that there are words for this hard to put into words state of being.

Likewise, the Japanese have a word that seems to describe the Reiki realm well. “Yugen”, in Japanese, means a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.

Both of these word, yugen and unmani represent a state of no mind, no thought, no fear, or an experience that goes beyond explanation. When you intellectualize the experience you create a new reality that causes you to lose touch with the original occurrence.

The gift of the REiki realm

The Reiki Realm reminds me of twilight, my favorite time of day, the transition between day and night. The yugen or unmani-like state can show us unique things that can’t be fully accessed while we are awake. It’s kind of like stepping into the fairy realm, in this world yet not of this world.

We can forget all that we think we know in this state and surrender to what shows up for us in the moment, our vastness and divine light. Reiki gives us the gift of stillness, expansiveness, glimpses of deep understanding, and an energetic reset for the body, mind and spirit.

Allow yourself to receive the gift of this healing energy and enter into the Reiki realm as often as you can.

In loving light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

P.S. When you get distant sessions from me, I do my best to put words to the feelings beyond words and to imprint the vast energy into the words you read.

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