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whaleI had the most amazing dream last night.  I dreamed that I was locating spots in the ocean.  I believe these were areas that the earth was sending signals that needed healing energy.  I would find the areas then I would call pods of whales.  The whales would show up after I got to a location in the ocean, so I guess I called them.  Also, high frequency cosmic energy would appear at these spots too.  It appeared to me as a beam of white light.  I knew the light beam was coming from outside the earth plane.  The energy was amazing.  To be surrounded by the whales and be part of the cosmic energy beam was so loving and healing.  I still feel very connected to the whales today.  My body feels pulses of energy like I’m being rocked in the ocean.

I know that whales are record keepers on our planet.  Holding the earth’s memories like a swimming library, like our DNA holds our blueprints and history.  I’m not sure if it was healing happening at these ocean locations or a download of new earth records or blueprints.  Perhaps both.

So let me give You some ideas You can use with your own dreaming.

You can Reiki yourself to sleep at night intending the Reiki to flow into your dream state.  I fall asleep every night when I Reiki myself.  When I first learned Reiki it seemed like I was giving Reiki healings all night long to people I’d never even met.  I have heard some of the students I’ve taught mention similar dreams after they learned Reiki too.  Perhaps that’s our psyche’s and the Reiki’s way of giving us more practice.  You can set your intentions while falling asleep to have a dream of healing or guidance for yourself or others.

You can also use Reiki to interpret your dreams and help You remember them more clearly.  For instance,  I sent distant Reiki to help me find all the meanings of my whale dream.  When I did I also remembered the dream I had right before in which I was given a bunch of sheet music and had to know how to sing all the songs, by the next day or within the week.  This made me think of the whale songs and sonar communication the whales use.  I am reminded to use the power of song or sound in my healings.  The Reiki symbols can be sung or chanted with powerful effects.

Lastly, my dream reminds me to share with You that You can connect with any species with Reiki.  I often find myself sending Reiki to dolphins and whales.  Dolphins share the vibration of Reiki by the way.  To connect with any species You just send distant Reiki to them and You can call on the angels or the spirit guardians of the particular species You are connecting with.  Notice how You feel or what You sense when You connect with the species of your choice.  Do You feel the appreciation beaming back to You from them?  Do You feel the energy they contribute to the planet just by existing?  Do You feel Your contribution to the planet just from being You and the Reiki You share with others?

6 thoughts on “Reiki Dreams

  1. Wow, that is so beautiful!

    I start having some beautiful dreams too which are effects from Reiki! Once I dreamt of an explosion of white and I got instantly the most intense happyness I could ever imgagine! I could not barely believe that!

    I think if we can connect to other beautiful live on our dreams it should be a very beautifuil experience too!

  2. That all sounds wonderful but what does it mean when you dream others around you can perform reiki but you cannot

    1. Hello Tammy,
      I’m not sure if you are attuned to Reiki already. If so, it sounds like you may be doubting your ability to use reiki. If so you could attend some reiki shares to practice giving and receiving. Or perhaps, practice on friends and family. Once you are attuned to reiki, you never lose your ability to use it. Using reiki more often will strengthen your relationship with it.

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