Reiki and Sacred Dance

One of the first things I noticed when I was attuned to Reiki 10 years ago was how much more fluid my body’s motions seemed  There was a distinct difference before and after my initiation to Reiki.  Energy flowed more freely in my body which directly influenced the smoothness of my physical movements.

I love to dance.  To me, all dance is sacred.  Any dance style, class or free-form movement, with music or not, is holy.  Dance has the power to spark our internal flame and release blocks in our physical and energetic bodies.

How does this relate to Reiki?  Of course, I incorporate Reiki into everything I do.  So let me tell you ways to use Reiki with dance.

One of my favorite places to dance is at a live music concert.  Since concerts are usually very crowed places to dance, I use the power symbol around me to hold my space and help me to run my own energy.  I also like to draw symbols in the air while I’m dancing.  I enjoy sending distant Reiki to the musicians on stage and to the audience around me.  The Reiki facilitates a deeper connection with the crowd and the music. The vibration of the  loud music has a way of releasing unwanted energy.

I also use Reiki at sacred dance gatherings.  I put the Reiki symbols into myself and the room and call on my guides.  At the beginning of the dance, I notice how I am feeling in my body, emotions and mind.   I allow my body to be moved by the music and the Reiki.  In the first part of the dance I notice how the movement, music and Reiki heal me and help me release unwanted energy.  I see the colors of my aura around me as I move through the space.  As the songs move on there consistently comes a time when the Reiki starts flowing out of my hands.  I feel it as a tingling in my hands and see the Reiki as colors streaming around the room.  Often the Reiki will flow right out of the room into the whole town.  The Reiki also flows through me as I connect with other dancers in love and light.  By the end of a sacred dance gathering, I usually notice that what I noticed need healing in me before the dance started is usually feeling better.  Sometimes I need to sleep and I wake up before everything is healed.  The Reiki heals in conjunction with the movement of the dance and spreads healing energy around the space and to others.

Another way I use Reiki when I’m dancing is during a class when I’m learning new dance moves or sequences.  You can use the Reiki symbols you are attuned to.  I personally like to invoke Gnosa, from Karuna (R) Reiki.  I activate Gnosa for myself and others in the room as it helps us learn new movements and put them in body memory.

You can always invoke the Reiki symbols You know and combine the Reiki with movement to create healing for yourself. Start out by allowing the Reiki to flow within and around You.  Then allow Your body to move and follow its own impulses.  Move in silence or with music.  Move with others or by yourself.

Dance like no one is watching.  Allow the connection with Source and the Reiki to penetrate Your every move.

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