Whales Appreciate Reiki

The Reiki Muse
Thank You for the Reiki


I want to follow-up from an earlier post Reiki Dreams

Whales have been appearing to me when I lie down to sleep at night.  Before I’m even asleep.  They gently nudge me with their huge noses.  I start to send them Reiki.  

I feel energetic waves of appreciation emitting from the whales.  They rock me in ocean waves saying, “thank you”.  

Whales have never appeared in my dreams before this past month.  I did see one up close off the side of a sail boat off the coast of Maine when I was a child.  I saw some whales in the far distance off the coast of Hawaii nine years ago.  Other than that, I have no recollection of dreaming of whales. 

I’m quite sure the whales are loving the Reiki and saying “thank You”.  They are also gently asking for more.  I wanted to share this with You.  Perhaps You’ve been sending the whales Reiki and loving energy too.  

Can You send some more Reiki and good energy to the whales and other sea creatures.   They sure can use it and they are loving the help.  Thank You for making a difference!

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