Quieting the Conversation In Your Mind

Do You ever lie in bed at night realizing You need to have a conversation with someone  but it’s too late to call them up.  You need to talk with your boss, co-worker, friend or family member.  You’re not sure how the conversation will go.  You’re feeling uncomfortable about bringing up a certain subject AND you’re losing sleep

I like to send Reiki to the conversation.  I see the person that I want to talk with in my head.  I see us with open and clear lines of communication.  I see us surrounded by Reiki.  I notice the Reiki filling our hearts with Light.

The Reiki MuseBy sending Reiki to the upcoming conversation I am able to trust that the timing for the communication with be perfect.  I know that I’ll find the words to fully express myself and my words will be well received.  I trust the conversation will serve our highest good.

Most importantly, I can let the conversation in my head go knowing it will go well when I actually have the talk. 

Then I Reiki myself to sleep with silence in my head. 

Sweet dreams and happy conversations to You!


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