3 Ways to Use Reiki Behind the Wheel

So now You’ve topped off your gas tank with Reiki charged gasoline.  Don’t stop there.  There’s many other ways to use Reiki while driving?The Reiki Muse

1. Reiki your car.

Reiki the car through the steering wheel, this keeps the automobile running smoothly.   The power symbol offers protection while driving.  Just place the power symbol over the dash-board and visualize it on all four sides of the vehicle.  Reiki I practitioners can just imagine the Reiki filling up the car and the area just around the car.

Reiki the tires to provide more traction.  I imagine little suction cups on the surface of the tires with the power symbol in the middle.  This is great for driving in rain or snow.

2. Reiki your path.

Activate the distance symbol and the power symbol, imagining the distant symbol lying horizontally over the road and the power symbol vertically in front of You, leading You to your destination.  I have a mantra that I say all the time “cho-ku-rei, lead the way“.  This keeps You from getting lost and will guide You to take the best route for You.  For example, if travelling You’ll end up on the scenic by way.  If going to work You’ll be guided to take the quickest route.

3. Reiki yourself.

Reiki your root chakra to keep yourself grounded and energized while driving.

Reiki Your thigh to help reduce motion sickness.  The stomach meridian travels along the thigh and it’s a convenient place to Reiki while driving.  Your own thigh or the person in the passenger’s seat.

Reiki yourself to prepare yourself for arriving at your destination.  For example, if You need be speaking when You arrive, you could Reiki your throat chakra.

Happy driving!


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