Does Reiki Really Work For the Highest Good?

The Reiki MuseReiki always works for your highest good.  Reiki is intelligent and always adjusts for each individual.   Reiki is intelligent energy which maintains a connection with your higher self.

Sometimes it may not seem like the Reiki is really working for the highest good of all concerned.   Sometimes things just get worse before they get better, sometimes relationships don’t improve, sometimes people pass on, sometimes we don’t get the job we really wanted.

It’s easy to trust that the Reiki is working for the highest good when there is recovery or everything goes the way we want it to.  But what about those other times?

I can tell You till I’m blue in the face not to be attached to results when You are using Reiki.   I can remind You to lovingly detach from the situations and people You Reiki.  Sometimes it’s just not that easy, is it?

I can tell You that it doesn’t reflect on your ability to use Reiki if things don’t work out the way You intend.

Should You find yourself disappointed or doubting Reiki, I suggest that You Reiki yourself or get a session from another Reiki practitioner.  The Reiki can help restore You to a state of inner balance.

Reiki can’t help You control situations, but it can help You stay aligned with yourself.  Your state of alignment is the only thing You can control.

When You return to your place of wholeness and connection in the NOW,  You are ready to go out and meet your future.   You can effectively grieve your losses.  You can go out and find the relationship or job of your dreams.

Here’s a story I share with my Reiki students.

There was a woman who was getting chemo treatments who didn’t want to lose her hair.  She received lots of Reiki with the intention of not loosing her hair.  She lost her hair anyway.

This woman then goes to a wig store to find a wig.  While she’s in the wig store, she meets the man of her dreams.  She wouldn’t have met this man had she kept her hair.

So remember Reiki always works for your highest good.  Reiki yourself often.  Love yourself enough to stay centered and trust everything is all working out for the best.

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