Number One Reason For Parents to Learn Reiki

The number one reason for parents to learn Reiki is having the ability to heal, comfort and bond with our children at the touch of our hands.  Reiki provides peace of mind for the parents by knowing they can be an active part in their children’s recovery by simply laying Reiki charged hands on their babies.

The Reiki Muse

My five-year old daughter was sick a couple of weeks ago, which got me to thinking about how many times I’ve nursed my two daughters to health with Reiki. I am a naturalist and believe in the body’s ability to heal itself.   I have used modern medicine, doctors, dentists, naturopaths, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins.  Ultimately what I appreciate most is Reiki.

Using Reiki helps me because I know I’m actually doing something for my child.  I know I’m helping bring about my child’s well-being by just laying my hands on my daughter.  I also know the Reiki hastens recovery while reducing the severity of the symptoms.

Here’s some examples when Reiki came has been very helpful with my children:

First Aid:  Reiki is always available, I don’t need to remember to bring it along in my purse.  My first aid is Reiki until I can get to a band-aid.

I fell with my daughter who was 6 months old while carrying her in a back pack high in the mountains.  We were caught in a hail storm and making a run for the car.  When I tripped she hit her forehead on a rock.  When we got back to the truck I applied Reiki for 20 minutes which calmed and soothed her.  She was getting a huge lump on her forehead and I Reikied her for another 2 hours or so at home.  She woke up the next morning and the lump was gone.

Hospital/Surgery: Should your child ever need to be in the hospital Reiki can sooth your nerves while helping your child at the same time.

Another instance when I used Reiki was during my daughter’s dental surgery.  I was able to be with her and Reiki her while she was being put under general anesthesia.  I was in the waiting room sending Reiki.

Honestly, at times like these, I am helping myself feel better as much as helping my child.  I know the Reiki is fostering well-being, but  knowing I can be of comfort with my Reiki filled hands helps me trust in the healing process.

IllnessReiki bolsters the immune system.  So before or after the first sign of illness sets in, I use Reiki on my children.  Fevers are another great time for using Reiki.  I am of the mindset to let fevers run their course since they bring about healing.  I’ve even been up all night Reikiing a 105 degree fever on a weekend night.  The Reiki got us through till we could get to the doctor.

Many illnesses just take time for recovery.  It brings peace of mind while waiting for recuperation that I can be helping with Reiki.

Soothing emotions:  Growing children have lots of hormones coursing through their bodies which can lead to moodiness at times.  Children also experience sadness and grief and the full range of emotions just like adults do.  There’s nothing better than holding my daughters and giving Reiki filled hugs to settle the upsets.

Away from home:  Another bonus with Reiki is the ability to send distant Reiki to my daughters even if they aren’t with me.  When they are with friends, at school, or traveling I just send them distant Reiki to ensure their well-being.

Right now my older daughter is traveling with her Dad for a month. You bet I’m sending Reiki to her every day.  My younger daughter is starting kindergarten next week.  I’ve been sending Reiki to her starting school for months.  She even got in the class we were hoping for.

Reiki empowers parents when raising children by giving them the ability to help with the touch of their hands.  Reiki provides opportunity for bonding and cuddling while simultaneously bringing about well-being.  Reiki allows for fulfilling relationships with your children.  The ability to use Reiki during the most challenging times of being a parent uplifts and brings relief.

I highly encourage parents to learn Reiki. You and your family will be happy You did.

For those of You who are already attuned to Reiki… Reiki your children often.

Reiki Blessings to You and yours!

Christy Martin

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  1. Hello Christy – I really liked your comments about how Reiki can empower parents. I also agree that using reiki is a wonderful way to reach out and connect energetically with family or close friends. Great post. Thanks you! Reed.

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