Healing The Past with Reiki

Have You ever thought to send Reiki to historical events?   Anyone effected by a historic event across time and space has the possibility of being restored to wholeness when you send Reiki to the past.

Imagine the healing energy going across time and space causing the DNA of everyone to be healed.  Can you feel the Reiki restoring wellness to thousands of people?  So there’s no hooks from the past eroding our enjoyment of life here in the now.

I thought of this during the movie Agora about Hypatia who was a female philosopher around 500 A.D. when the Christian Church was putting women ‘in their place’.  It made me feel very sad to think about that.  So I started to Reiki myself so I would feel better and could get the full enjoyment of the movie.   Then I thought, “Wow!  I could send Reiki to everyone that has been negatively treated by the church through out time.”

The Reiki Muse

Watching that movie is what sparked my interest in sending Reiki to the historic past.  There’s been countless people persecuted by the church, in wars or cultural feuds.  Natural disasters have altered the lives of our ancestors.  Some events that come to mind are the holocaust, Native Americans losing their territory,  slavery or the March 2011 earthquake in Japan.  Yes, even current events are historical.

Whenever a historic event comes to your attention from a movie, book or discussion, know there’s always the opportunity to send Reiki to restore wellness.  The Reiki doesn’t change what happened.  We clear and heal the energetic effects.  We have the opportunity to come to a state of peace and understanding about past happenings.  We accept and forgive the past leaving us free and whole to live in our now.

Our ancestors hand down to us their unresolved issues in our DNA for us to deal with in our lives.  Did you know that in our DNA we carry programing from at least 12 generations?  How about using some Reiki to heal that.

How might you know if you carry some unresolved issues related to the past?  Notice if you feel any heavy emotions when something historic comes to your attention.  You may even have physical reactions.  You may have dreams tied to a certain event.  Do you watch a historic movie or book and get upset with how people were being treated?  These are all indicators that you aren’t at peace with the past.

What a gift you can give to yourself and to countless others by sending distant Reiki to past events.  Just send Reiki with the intention that everyone effected by what happened receive healing from the Reiki.  You can even ask the Reiki to help release it from your and other’s DNA.

Reiki blessings to you.


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10 thoughts on “Healing The Past with Reiki

  1. Interesting post–sometimes I feel a wave of reiki now and wonder if it’s someone sending it to me presently or if it’s a later me sending myself reiki so I make a good decision, etc. I think reiki past, present and future can only be a good thing, especially if we don’t see time as purely linear.

  2. I think its interesting how I feel very connected to second world war, and also with medieval times. I think they were both very beautiful times (yet they were sad) anyhow. Somehow I feel I miss living on those ages and that I would learn from them I lot if I were there.

  3. It is perplexing how the church has survived and how anyone still belongs to any group that has caused so much pain. That movie also touched me deeply and was also inspired to send Reiki to the church victims throughout time. What the world need now is love sweet love.🍃💢💟😢🌍💓💗❤💙💜💚💛💖💞💘💕

  4. My daughter is in 4th grade and is now learning about Anne Frank. It’s led to interesting conversations. I’m going to send Anne and her family Reiki and talk about it with both my daughters. Thank you for the idea.

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