Full Moon Distant Reiki & Meditation – April 16th, 2022 – Choices & Balance

full moon over the trees and the sea
Reiki infused image. Photo by Umut Dağlı on Pexels.com

Happy Full Moon! 

If you follow or have been drawn to this site, you are being sent distant Reiki for the next 24 hours for the full moon in harmonious and balanced Libra tomorrow, April 16th.

Relax and breathe in this gift of Full Moon Distant Reiki flowing to you now, received by your own free will and your body’s inner wisdom.

This is a good time for restoring balance. When you or situations in your life are emotionally off kilter Reiki will help illuminate gentle actions to create new levels of equilibrium.

You may find cooperating with others is easier and brings more mutual benefit right now. Look for ways to let go of controlling habits which will invite in more teamwork and empathy.

Notice the beauty in the choices that are opening up for you right now. Every choice you make is unique to you. Where you are right now is a culmination of all of the choices you made previously.

Even if someone else is contemplating the same options you are, your environment is not completely the same as anyone else’s. No one else is walking in your exact shoes, ever. You have such creative power as you interact with the natural world around you. Reiki is always so good at helping you align with that inner clarity within.

Reiki will help you access that inner peace which is always within you and balance out any overly adventurous feelings so you can rest. Take some down time to prepare for the new beginnings and this upcoming growing season.

Like always, Reiki will support and uplift you in the ways that best serve you right now.

Reiki Rainbow Meditation

The group Full Moon Reiki Rainbow Meditation will be April 16th at 6:54pm UTC/ 2:54pm Eastern/ 1:54pm Central/ 12:54pm Mountain and 11:54 am Pacific. This is the time when the moon is full. You don’t need to be attuned to Reiki to do this mediation. It can be done anytime with the intention that your energy joins with others. Click here to read more about the Reiki Rainbow Mediation.

I appreciate you and hope you enjoy the nurturing, loving and supportive energy being sent your way.

Click here to read more about Distant Reiki Healing.

Please see the FAQ page for more detailed information about the Full Moon Distant Reiki.

Water, Wind, Fire & Trees

Here is a Reiki infused nature video from our hikes over the course of the past month. There is a clip of the NCAR fire. After thinking one of our favorite walks went up in flames we were relieved that it was mostly untouched by the fire. The moss clip and the last two of the trees after the fire clip are all from that walk, just south of the fire. When I send Reiki to a wildfire, I always remember that nature is in charge of the outcome. I was happy most of the trees on our favorite part of that hike survived. And nature has started rebirthing already. The grass is now bright green in the area of the burn. What a great symbol of purification and rebirth!

Reiki infused nature video.



Christy DeArment, Reikichristy
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I recently published a Reiki manual, Everyday Reiki. It is available as an ebook pdf on my site. You can get it in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is an excellent book for those who have taken Reiki I & II, for those who are learning and for Reiki teachers to use for class.

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