Full Moon Distant Reiki & Meditation – May 5th, 2023 – Listen Within & Trust

silhouette of woman and full moon
Reiki infused full moon image. Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

Happy full moon!

If you follow or have been drawn to this site, you are being sent distant Reiki for the next 24 hours for the full moon in devoted and transformative Scorpio on May 5th.

A dear friend suggested I create a video for the Full Moon Reiki. So here is the first full moon Reiki video post. I hope you enjoy it. You can watch it anytime and receive reiki, not just during the 24 hours of the full moon.

Full Moon Distant Reiki Video Post

Relax and breathe in this gift of Full Moon Distant Reiki flowing to you now, received by your own free will and your body’s inner wisdom.

This is a good time for transmuting intense emotions and releasing what no longer serves. Reiki can support you in in making healthy and lasting changes. As you commit to yourself in new ways, things start to shift.

Trust that the changes and healing are happening. Your mind works quicker than nature does. Often, in an instant, you will register that something in your life needs to change or heal. But it takes time for things to rearrange to the new level of wholeness. Trust is a key part of the healing process.

In addition, shifting your focus away from what is wrong is important. Not denying or rejecting the issue. Just let go of your attachment to it. If you hold your focus on fixing it, you entrain your frequency to the problem.

When you let yourself move to a different frequency, based in love, then the issue has a chance to heal and transform. You just have to trust that change is happening without you trying to force it.

Always listen to what is arising from within you. We each have the universal stream of love and wisdom flowing through us. As you align with that loving presence within, which some call God, Reiki, Universe, Divinity, your answers and solutions will appear. Commit to aligning with that loving presence within and watch your life transform.

As you deepen your inner listening, you may notice that feeling good doesn’t come from your healthy habits alone. The true healing comes from your alignment with your source.

Sometimes we get addicted to good and healthy things in our lives. We get in the habit of it rather than listening within to what our internal wisdom is telling us in the moment. It’s even okay to take a break from something that is good for you. You can always come back to it in a day, week or month and it will still be beneficial. In the meantime, you will have fine tuned your inner listening. You will be on a new level of trusting your universal flow and inner wisdom.

Like always, Reiki will work for you in the way that best serves you.

I appreciate you and hope you enjoy the nurturing, loving and supportive energy being sent your way.



Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

Reiki Rainbow Meditation

The group Full Moon Reiki Rainbow Meditation will be May 5th at 5:33 pm UTC, 1:33 pm Eastern/ April 5th at 12:33 pm Central/ 11:33 am Mountain and 10:33 am Pacific. 

This is the time when the moon is full. You don’t need to be attuned to Reiki to do this mediation. It can be done anytime with the intention that your energy joins with others. Click here to read more about the Reiki Rainbow Mediation.

Sharing Again

My first visit with Atif in January.

I’m sharing Atif’s touching story again with you this month.

I have had the pleasure of donating Reiki and Reflexology sessions to my new friend, Atif, since January. Atif is in the late stages of ALS. He is a very amazing man with a bright heart. Even in his decline you can feel his kindness. He has touched many as can be seen by the outpouring of community support.

I wanted to share his story with you. When I met him he was in a nursing home. He is now in a much more comfortable private rental. Here is a well written, heartfelt article about him from the Boulder Weekly. And here is his GoFundMe if you wish to help too.

Reiki Manual

Everyday Reiki is a clear and concise Reiki I & II manual to empower your Reiki journey. Get your ebook here. Get your print version on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This is an excellent resource for those already attuned to Reiki, are about to learn, or for Reiki teachers.


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