How to Restore Emotional Well-being with Reiki

Reiki helps restore your emotional well-being by raising your vibration. Reiki may not stop you from having negative emotions. Instead, Reiki shines the light into the darkness and helps you have greater understanding of yourself and your feelings.

Overcome Fear with Reiki

Did you know you can use Reiki to overcome fear and live more empowered and free?When you are in your power, you base your choices on love and experience more freedom and joy. It's important for each of us to transform our fears. When we step into our innate loving, soul empowered natures, we help...

Using Reiki To Be Kind and Increase Your Vibration

Why does Reiki remind us to be kind? Kindness raises your vibration and uplifts the world around you. Being kind in thought, word and deed is a powerful choice.

Interpreting the Reiki Ideals With The Law of Attraction

When reading the Original Reiki Ideals I notice the wording is contrary to the law of attraction. In this article I will share the deeper meaning of the Reiki ideals and my alternate positive wording version.