How to Restore Emotional Well-being with Reiki

Reiki helps restore your emotional well-being by raising your vibration. Reiki may not stop you from having negative emotions.  Instead, Reiki shines the light into the darkness and helps you have greater understanding of yourself and your feelings. 

The Reiki ideal “Just for today, do not anger”, could be interpreted to say do not be angry. I don’t think this is the true meaning of that Reiki ideal. I just don’t think that’s humanly possible, nor healthy to never experience anger.

Rather, the Reiki invites you to be present and in the moment. Reiki helps you move through emotions and understand the underlying causes of them.  Reiki is love, a very amplified love.

Reiki helps shift your perceptions about negative emotions to restore emotional well-being. 

Emotions are just guide posts. Sadness, anger, frustration, and hopelessness just let you know that you’re believing thoughts that disconnect you from your inner Source.

Emotions are energy.  Feelings remind you that you’re alive.  It can be thrilling to move through emotions and move up the emotional scale.  To go from sad to hopeful can be thrilling.  Just to feel the energy lightening up can be exhilarating.

I don’t believe any energy is negative.  What people refer to as negative energy or emotions, I describe as “unwanted” because when you’re ready to let it go it becomes unwanted. Or you are experiencing an energy or feeling you don’t want to feel.

Anger or sadness can feel just fine in the moment when you’re feeling that way. Only when you are ready to return to your state of connection and center do those feelings become uncomfortable and unwanted.

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How Reiki helps restore emotional well-being:

  • Helps you be present with and move through your emotions. 
  • Comforts you and fill you with love, reminding you it’s okay to feel how you feel.
  • Brings clarity to the underlying thoughts that cause the unwanted feelings in the first place. 
  • Keeps the energy flowing.  Only when emotions become stuck do they turn into health problems.
  • Restores your awareness of your connection with your inner Source.

Start by giving yourself Reiki over your heart and your head or your heart and belly. Then move to any other place the body is holding the emotion.

Be thankful that you feel! Your feelings really do help guide you.

If you are experiencing an unwanted emotional state, Reiki yourself.  If you don’t know Reiki, I am here for you, locally or distantly, with Reiki sessions and Reiki training to help you restore your emotional well-being.



Christy DeArment, Reikichristy
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Overcome Fear with Reiki

Did you know you can use Reiki to overcome fear and live more empowered and free? Our modern society is plagued with fear which underlies our laws, politics, schools, medicine, finances, relationships, etc.

This culture of fear infiltrates into our personal life. Often we are unaware that fear is the underlying motivation for our actions.

When you are in your power, you base your choices on love and experience more freedom and joy. It’s important for each of us to transform our fears.

When we step into our innate loving, soul empowered natures, we help anchor the higher dimensional frequencies onto the Earth. When you realize you are a whole, divine, unlimited being you can’t be harmed. Your soul level self knows that all is well, always.

When you stay centered in your loving vibration you don’t add to the darkness of fear when a major world or local event happens. Yes, very real and disturbing things happen in the world. Yet, it is your choice how you react to them.

Are you powerful enough to keep shining your light? I believe you are. I know you are. And when you need help to stay anchored in your loving soul light, Reiki is there for you.

How to address your personal fears.

overcome fear with Reiki

One of the most effective ways personally find to address your fears is knowing that you will be okay no matter what. The underlying basis is knowing that you are an eternal being. So even you were to die, you would be okay. Here this is all about getting into your soul level perspective.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Notice when you start to want to control situations and experiences and others. You are in an underlying state of fear when this happens.

Accept yourself when fear happens. It happens to all of us. Mentally judging yourself for feeling fearful only makes it worse. For example, if you are in the passenger seat and telling yourself that even if you are in an accident you will be okay isn’t helping.

Accept that you are feeling some fear or anxiety and that is okay. Turn on your Reiki and allow the Reiki to start to calm your nerves and get you back into a more relaxed state.

How Reiki helps overcome fear.

Overcome fear with Reiki

Reiki helps you overcome fear by helping you stay in the present moment. Just like the Reiki ideals remind us with the words “just for today” to stay centered in the now. Reiki will help ground you in the now which is where your power is.

If you are feeling fear you are either in the future worrying about something happening. Or you are in the past, worrying about something unwanted from the past happening again.

If your fear is based on something happening in the present, you will be guided as to how to best handle the situation. Remember you are an unlimited, eternal being. Your soul level self with direct you to safety.

If you find your mind acting like a runaway train of fear based thoughts, you can turn on your Reiki and watch your thoughts. It might take a few minutes, but the Reiki will start to slow the out of control train of thought by adding peace and love to your mental body.

The Reiki will also help you with self love and acceptance when you are experiencing fear. Reiki is love. As it flows into your energetic and physical body it will gently dispel the fear energy and replace it with love. You become anchored in the vibration of love as the Reiki performs its healing.

You will find it much easier with Reiki to ground into your divine spiritual perspective and calm your human mind.

Your physical stress reactions will be cleared as your nervous system and endocrine system relax with the Reiki. So you can approach the situations in your live with more love and acceptance.

Remember to turn on your Reiki when you are feeling fear or anxiety. Use the mental/emotional symbol if you are attuned to Reiki II. The root chakra, head, heart and belly are good places to Reiki yourself or another who is feeling fear. Give Reiki to situations that have a strong fear charge to promote peaceful and loving outcomes.

In loving light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy
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Using Reiki To Be Kind and Increase Your Vibration

The Reiki Muse

The Original Reiki Ideals

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and BE KIND to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer,

Pray these words to your heart,

And chant these words with your mouth.

by Mikao Usui

Why do the Reiki ideals remind us to be kind?

I love that the Reiki ideals outright say to be kind.  I would like to add to be kind to all living beings, not just to people.

Kindness raises your vibration and uplifts the world around you. Being kind in thought, word and deed is a powerful choice.  You can ask Reiki for help in being kind.

What does being kind mean?  

Being compassionate, big-hearted, gentle, respectful, benevolent, nice, caring and loving.  Being kind requires you to connect with the living essence of another living being.  How do we connect with another being you may ask? It’s simple. Through your heart. Reiki energy opens our hearts and softens our minds.

In addition, Reiki can help you give up the need to be right. Wanting to be right or judge causes us to disconnect from the the core of ourselves which is love. It’s our ego’s way of saying, “I’m better than you”, or “I’m smarter than you”.

When you connect with your heart space, you’ll find that other people’s way of being or doing, is based on their unique perspective, which is no better than our own, just because it is different. Is it really worth losing love by being right? (Yes, this means even when you are driving or scrolling through social media.)

The importance of Being kind to yourself

And let’s not forget about yourself. Examine your own thinking. Are you being kind to yourself in your thoughts? Notice if you are beating yourself up, judging yourself or berating yourself. If you discover you’re thinking an unkind thought about yourself, pause and take a deep breath. Turn on your Reiki and allow your mind to soften and join up with your loving heart energy.

By being loving and kind to yourself, you’ll find it much easier to treat others with gentle concern. Being kind to yourself is the beginning of adding light to the world around you.  Sometimes being kind to yourself or others may mean setting boundaries and saying ‘no’.  The Reiki will guide you toward your own source connection to discover your own answers.

If you are saying yes, when you really don’t want to do something, you’re only hurting yourself. Either learn to say no, or ask the Reiki to help you line up your energy with what you’ve agreed to do.

How can you use Reiki to help you be kind to yourself and others?  

Reiki yourself and focus on the word kindness. Just allow the Reiki to flow and notice how you feel. If you are attuned to the distance symbol, you can send Reiki ahead of you on your path for the day while infusing the quality of kindness. You could charge a quartz crystal and place an affirmation under it such as, “I am kind to all living beings, especially myself”.

Just by focusing on kindness, you’ll notice it more. You’ll see your gentle and loving thoughts about yourself being reflected back to you from the world around you. With all that positive caring reinforcement, you’ll find it easier and easier to be kind.

If you come across someone who is just being rude, you’ll know they aren’t feeling those gentle and loving thoughts right now. Then, it’s your choice, what will you mirror back to them? I suggest turning on your Reiki and filling yourself up with it and radiating it out.

Reiki connects us with the power of now and the feeling of ‘all is well’. When we truly remember all is well, kindness comes naturally.

In Loving Reiki Light,


Christy DeArment, Reikichristy

Interpreting the Reiki Ideals With The Law of Attraction

When reading the Original Reiki Ideals I notice the wording is contrary to the law of attraction.  The word “not” doesn’t take away from the focus of anger and worry.  You know when You tell someone not to look and they instantly turn their head toward You.  I understand and feel the deeper meaning and energy of the Reiki principles.  In this article I will share the deeper meaning of the Reiki ideals and my alternate positive wording version.

Original Reiki Ideals The Reiki Muse

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer,

Pray these words to your heart,

And chant these words with your mouth.

Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind

The Founder … Usui Mikao

I teach that the words “Just for today” invite us to be present and live in the moment.  Living in the now is an underlying principle applicable to the entire Reiki ideals.

The words “do not be angry” are not to be taken literally.  To never anger would be unhealthy and cause us to stifle our emotions, which would result in disease.  Instead look for the underlying beliefs and thoughts that lead to anger.  If You live present in the moment and accept that things are in perfect order anger is easier to release and harder to come by.  A deeper meaning of this principle reminds us that emotions are just guidance.  They let You know if You are believing thoughts that don’t serve You.

I think the words “do not worry” encourage You to live in the present.  If You are worrying, You are focusing your thoughts on something in the future that You don’t want to happen.

The Reiki idealBe filled with gratitude acknowledges that appreciation is a high vibrational state of mind.  When we are noticing things to be thankful for we uplift ourselves which allows us to feel better.  When we are in a state of gratitude the things we love and want in our lives come easily to us.

I like to interpret the deeper meaning of the words “devote yourself to your work” as devoting yourself to your inner work and your spiritual growth.  I see it as being mindful in your work and the tasks related to living.  Your work is following your highest path and living in integrity with your Highest Truth.  Your job is to tend to your alignment between your self and your Higher Self.

The Reiki principle of “be kind to people” brings to mind what about the animals and the other living things on this Earth.  I interpret this Reiki ideal to include all living things, including yourself.

I have altered the original Reiki ideals removing the negative wording.  The alternate version brings attention more to what we want as opposed to what we don’t want.  Those of You familiar with the Abraham teachings on Law of Attraction might recognize some of the wording.

Alternate Reiki IdealsThe Reiki Muse

Just for today, I choose appreciation

Just for today, I choose to accept my emotional guidance

Just for today, I trust All Is Well

I devote myself to my inner work while living in integrity

I show love and respect for all Life.

Christy DeArment  … September 25, 2010