Full Moon Distant Reiki & Meditation – December 18th, 2021 – Open to Possibilities

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Reiki charged image – Photo by JOHN CALLERY on Pexels.com

Happy Full Moon! 

If you follow or have been drawn to this site, you are being sent distant Reiki for the next 24 hours for the full moon in social and cheerful Gemini tomorrow, December 18th.

Relax and breathe in this gift of Full Moon Distant Reiki flowing to you now, received by your own free will.

This full moon is a good time to reflect on the past year. It falls close to the solstice, the darkest part of the year here in the northern hemisphere. It’s your choice what you give notice to. Are you focusing more on regrets and missed opportunities? Or are you giving attention to your growth, joys, and new-found clarity.

Reiki with these full moon energies will illuminate your curiosity for new paths and possibilities. Stay open to the new paradigms that are unfolding in your life and the world around you.

Notice the power of the words you express and images you hold. Some imagery and expressions you may wish to keep using, while others may feel limiting and ready to fall away.

Are you living according the images you hold for yourself based in the purity of your own light? Or have some other influences been infiltrating your ideas of what serves you best? Keep weeding out what isn’t truly you.

Now is a good time to tune into yourself while eliminating distractions, in order to shine light on what is bubbling up to be expressed in your life.

Enjoy connecting with loved ones with a light heart and an open mind. Those bonds of affection are the true gold in life.

You are a powerful being of love. May the upcoming year be filled with you embodying more of that pure unlimited light of you. May your path be truly your own! The world needs you living according to your own undiluted, divine nature.

Like always, the Reiki will support and uplift you in the ways that best serve you right now.

Reiki Rainbow Meditation

The group Full Moon Reiki Rainbow Meditation will be December 18th/19th at 3:35 am UTC/ 11:35 pm EST/ 10:35 pm CST/ 9:35pm MST and 8:35 pm PST. This is the time when the moon is full. You don’t need to be attuned to Reiki to do this mediation. It can be done anytime with the intention that your energy joins with others. Click here to read more about the Reiki Rainbow Mediation.

I appreciate you and hope you enjoy the nurturing, loving and supportive energy being sent your way.

Click here to read more about Distant Reiki Healing.

Please see the FAQ page for more detailed information about the Full Moon Distant Reiki.

I wish you a joyful and loving new year!



Christy DeArment, Reikichristy
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I recently published a Reiki manual, Everyday Reiki. It is available as an ebook pdf on my site. You can get it in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is an excellent book for those who have taken Reiki I & II, for those who are learning and for Reiki teachers to use for class.

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